3 Ways To Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

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Hello and welcome to the Ask Andy About Clothes YouTube channel.

My name is Carl Murawski.

I am from a Youtube Channel called New England Style Consulting and I would like to talk to you today about the most common problems plaguing anybody who likes to dress well and that is how do you keep your shirt tucked in.

It’s a problem that’s been plaguing me forever.

How do you keep looking as good as you do when you get yourself ready in the mirror all day long — it’s really difficult, especially if you’re active all day — reaching up & stretching or even getting out of your car, tying your shoe, sitting down at your desk.

It’s tough to keep your shirt tucked in and looking fresh all day long and from my research and experimentation it seems like every method falls under one of three categories.


The first one you have is layering.

There are different ways to layer your clothes to hopefully keep everything where it should be.

And this includes tucking techniques.

The military tuck is more or less where you would take the side of your shirt, and where it meets your pants — you will fold it in half, and tuck it underneath your waistband and hopefully keep things tucked in that way.

However, that only works as long as you’re not moving very much because as soon as you reach up to grab something, your shirt will come untucked and your military tuck is kinda out.

So, that doesn’t really work because it needs to be readjusted throughout the day.

The other thing you can do is tuck your shirt into your underwear, then your dress shirt on the outside, and then your pants.

So, you have kind of a layer sandwich going on.

That does work to a point and will certainly keep things tucked in a bit more than just tucking normally, but still this technique doesn’t quite cut the mustard.


The second category is friction.

So, you’ll find all kinds of contraptions across the net that promise to help keep your shirt tucked in.

Usually what they’re going to use is some sort of rubberized compound.

Sometimes you’ll find it on the inside of a waistband of a pair of pants.

Sometimes you’ll find it on the inside or outside of the waistband of a pair of underwear.

I’ve even seen little tabs that go over your belt and supposed to stick inside your waistband which are supposed to keep your shirt tucked and from coming up.

Now, one of the problems with these is the same as if you were going to tuck in your shirt normally which is they don’t really hold up stretching.

So, if you’re going to stretch and extend this piece of cloth out of your pants, it’s going to go and it’s going to kind of just billow out when your done and there’s just no way to get around that.

They may keep things in place as long as you’re not moving much, but who doesn’t move a lot throughout the day.

If you don’t, then you probably have bigger problems than keeping your shirt tucked in.


Now the third category is tension.

Tension is my favorite because anytime you’re using something that creates tension, it will help return something to its starting point.

So, if you have an anchor around your ankle or your sock, and it goes up to the shirt tail, if you’re moving it outside and creating more tension, as you move back it will return to its starting position.

This is my favorite. The only problem is that it does require an apparatus of some sort.

So, the one that I like to use is a normal shirt stay.

These here are from Sharp & Dapper, but you can get them anywhere. I know there are a bunch of different companies that make these.

These are the ones that I use. They’ve been absolutely wonderful.

One end goes to your sock. This long piece goes up the inside of your pants, and these three connect to your shirt tail.

The nice thing is that with just a little bit of gentle tension, when you stretch, this will bring them right back.

It’s just a nice way to keep yourself looking tucked in all day long.

I know that law enforcement and military have used these for a long time.

That’s how they maintain that very neat look.

So, if it’s good enough for the military, it’s certainly good enough for me.

These are absolutely wonderful. They do take a little bit of getting used to as far as putting them on and feeling that something is inside of the outside of your leg.

It’s a little bit strange at first. However, it’s a welcome trade-off to looking sharp and clean all day long.

So, those are the three categories of keeping your shirt tucked in.


I’d really be interested to see in the comments which ones you’ve tried.

If there’s something that I’ve missed — if there’s some kind of snake oil out there that helps you keep your shirt tucked in, and helps you look good all day long, I am all ears!

Thank you so much for watching the Ask Andy About Clothes Youtube Channel.

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