5 Reasons You Should NEVER Let Your Wife/Partner Choose Your Clothes

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It’s time to answer one of the tricky menswear questions.

Loads of guys let their partner choose (and often buy) their clothes for them. But, is that really effective?

In my opinion, not one bit. Here’s why…

1. Choosing for yourself shows maturity and masculinity

Women love it when men make decisions. It’s a masculine trait.

Asking a woman what she wants to eat, for instance, can often lead to the guy having to make the decision regardless. Men are often the ones to finalise decisions.

Therefore, letting a woman dictate and decide something as simple as your attire not only comes across as lazy, but also indecisive.

Having your mother choose your clothes when you are a kid is one thing, but if she or your partner are still dictating your wardrobe at the age of 30, things need to change.

Take the bull by the horns and choose what you wear.

My girlfriend is usually really impressed when I buy and wear an item of clothing that looks great; which I have chosen myself.

2. It gives you a new skill, which you can use if the partner leaves

Choosing your own clothes, even if you suck at first, allows you to practice.

You can, through trial and error, discover what type of clothes suit you well. This is a great skill to have, in the case of your relationship breaking down.

Many men would not only lose a loved one, but their personal shopper. There would be nothing worse than being left clueless on how to dress for future dates.

Choosing your own clothes prevents this from happening altogether.

3. It takes the guesswork out of fit

Your partner may have a great eye for clothing, however what’s the use when you’re still sat at home?

You need to be in the flesh to try clothes properly. Don’t leave your poor partner guessing at what might fit you; get there in person.

Many rely on the sizes provided by brands, to determine whether clothes will fit. Unfortunately, sizes not only vary massively between brands, but often within the same brand’s clothing.

It’s simply not very reliable. One of the advantages I find with being in person is you can also check how comfortable the item is, so you can test if you will get true longevity and worth from it.

If you don’t want to travel to the shops to try on clothes, you can at least try ordering clothes online.

These days, the returns processes with many brands are incredible easy and it saves wasting your partner’s time returning to a physical store.

4. You will avoid being dressed ‘cutely’

This seems to be a bit of a phenomenon. One which all of the females I have asked have actually agreed with.

When women buy clothes for men they are affectionate towards, whether this be a son or a romantic interest, they tend to choose clothes which make them look ‘cute’.

Women have a primal protectiveness for those they love (similarly to us men). They typically dress the men they love to look ‘nice’ or ‘cute’ to keep away prying female eyes.

Whilst not necessarily a negative thing, for the man intending to look as attractive and masculine as possible, it may prove important to avoid.

The funny thing is, every female I asked about this, responded with a chuckle before admitting to this indeed being true.

Choosing your own clothes shows you are in control of your own image.

5.  You can experiment and wear what you want

Every man goes through phases of dressing terribly.

For me, the experimental clothing phases are some of the most important. At times, you have to go through several styles of clothes that look bad, in order to find that one item which looks perfect.

During my late teens I tried all sorts of clothes and styles, which helped in the development of my own personal wardrobe and style.

Having women choose your clothes removes this process entirely. Also, you have the freedom to wear what you want and what you feel great in.

For me, that’s one of the whole reasons style is so important; to feel great about yourself.

Agree? Disagree?

Are you currently letting your partner or family member buy clothes for you?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments on the video.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Ask Andy About Clothes for the opportunity to make this blog post.

Ben – EveryMan