A Tip o’ the Hat To ‘Ask Andy’ From DailyBreeze.com

Here is a feature about me and this website from The South Bay Daily Breeze (OK, it’s one of the local papers near where I live!! but it was picked up by a dozen other newspapers).

Admit it, guys: You’re not exactly sure whether you should match your socks to your shoes or to your pants.

Or whether it’s OK to wear pastel in the winter (or at all). And what about ties — are they really necessary?

Relax, says Manhattan Beach style guru Andy Gilchrist. He’s got it covered.

“Most guys don’t talk to other guys about clothing, even if they’re really interested in it,” said Gilchrist, 63, who hopes his fashion advice Web site, www.AskAndyAboutClothes.com can help men navigate their wardrobe quandaries.