Testimonials: Advertising on Ask Andy About Clothes

We’ve had some great success stories from advertisers.

“Ask Andy About Clothes is the #1 men’s forum on the internet and our number one source of traffic. It beats Google Adwords hands-down!”

“Re: a rousing success our initial data analysis shows that advertising on your site was a demonstrable success.

Thank you for your flexibility in working with us.”

“Andy Gilchrist is the godfather of menswear forums.

His website www.AskAndyAboutClothes.com was the first one of its kind (with many copycats since following suit) and has a tremendous base of well-dressed men who discuss menswear every day on his website.

By way of background, Andy himself (and his forum members) were huge supporters of our company way back when – even when we were still finding our groove.

Through the years, many of his members have had great experiences with our company and Andy has helped bring on new customers through his kind words and endorsements.

Our advertising has been a huge benefit to building our business.”

“… advertising on your site was the only thing that we could ever prove had actual ROI.”

“We have been advertising on AAAC for years now and in my opinion, it provides the most bang for your buck!

ROI on google is pathetic when compared to AAAC.

Kudos to Andy for providing the online community with such a priceless resource.

I have not found a better spot to spend our advertising dollars.”

“Thanks so much Andy for the review…I had a noticeable jump in website activity as well as a spike in sales!”

“Yes I can’t thank you enough.

I have already had 3 sales last night and my hits on the website had quadrupled just in those hours. “

“Andy, Thought I would let you know how the ad is working so far… a 305% increase in traffic emanating from your site according to Google analytics!”

“A famous shoe retailer from England contacted me panicked that they began their sale but had not indicated their special for AskAndy Members was free shoe trees with each pair of shoe.

They had sold 70 pairs of shoes and had to give the shoe trees with each sale. We quickly changed the special offer not to include sale shoes!”

“Yesterday the Google analytics showed that I had an increase in visitors, most since around before Christmas, and they were referred from your site!

I got 3 orders today, and I usually only get 1 about every other day around this time of year — if that. THANKS!”

“Only one day live and we’re seeing many impressions from our banners on your site!

Great news!  Thanks again!”

“I get significant business from your site. The customers from your site are consistently nice, honest and informed. “

And from readers:

“The static ads by contrast have been useful for informing me of vendors that might be appealing, and some of which have long ago received my patronage as a result.”

“Thanks again, you have an excellent forum and I have been supporting sponsors of the forum to keep it going.”

“I hate looking at all the nice stuff from your recommended merchants.

It’s doing serious damage to my wallet. ha!” — K. C. Singapore