Alexander KABBAZ – Joelle KELLY & Sons Zimmerli Underwear

I was recently in a very good mood, reckless even and decided it was time I treated myself to some¬† Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons Zimmerli underwear (The World finest Men’s Underwear)!I said reckless!! ūüėÄ

Made in Switzerland¬†(that explain the holes for the legs and torso!). ūüôā

Seems like a splurge,¬†but this underwear is well worth it.The value is there; they’re worth it.

I ordered four pair –¬† two of them were Pure Comfort. This is the finest cotton knit ever made¬† as it features 50 2-ply yarns per inch whereas the common top quality cotton¬† knits have 32 yarns. It has 8 percent Lycra for stretch.

The other two were¬† sea-island cotton. Not much to say except that everything good you’ve ever¬†heard about Sea Island is encompassed in this cotton.

There is a slight disadvantage in that these are available only in white. Although Alex does have an exclusive collection  (called the ZC Collection) where he has some selected Zimmerli styles  professionally dyed in a wide range of colors. 

All of the underwear fit perfectly and Рmost importantly Рfelt  wonderful.

I got my order quickly incredibly well packed (no pun) and the UPS ground shipping and insurance is free!  Really the packaging was superior and as you  know I get lots of packages!

Sometimes in life you¬† have to be kind to yourself, it’s good for your inner self, and I can’t think of¬† a better way than ordering some Zimmerli underwear.

And look what Zimmerli underwear has done for me: