Anderson-Little Classic Blue Blazer Review

I now have the Made in USA Anderson-Little Classic Blue Blazer!

We’ve discussed Anderson-Little Blazers in the Ask Andy Timeless Style discussion board here and here!

This blazer sells for only $179!! (that is NOT a typo!!)

Anderson-Little Special Offer

  • Website:
  • Price: $179
  • AskAndy Members Exclusive Promo Code AA102018
    • $10 off any purchase from Anderson-Little
  • All Classic Blue Blazer
  • Sizes 36 Short through 54 Regular and 54 Long
  • Made in the USA
  • Free Shipping

Excerpts From Our Community Discussions About The Brand

Why does everyone tell me I have to have a Navy Blue Blazer?

Because they’re right. A Navy Blue Blazer is the Swiss army knife of a man’s wardrobe.

If you buy one piece of dress clothing, make it a blue blazer. It goes with everything from jeans to khakis to dress slacks. You can wear it with a t-shirt, with a sweater, with a vest, with a collared shirt with or without a tie.

Best of all, an Anderson-Little Navy Blue Jacket has plenty of pockets.

What’s so special about the Anderson-Little Classic Blue Blazer? Why should I buy yours?

Three words. Craftsmanship. Value. Service.

Anderson-Little Review

It’s not only good looking with classic styling; it’s an amazing value.

Andy wearing Anderson-Little Classic Blue Blazer

Granted it’s not a custom made Brioni blazer, but for the price, the workmanship, the style it’s a wonderful value.

Much more value that you can expect in any $179 garment!!

It’s actually an amazing value at twice or three time the price.

What’s great is the wrinkle proof quality it has from a blend of wool and polyester, BUT the fabric looks great with no shine!!

I met Scott Anderson recently for lunch; he said “Look at this!”, and he folded up the Blazer and sat on it during the rest of lunch!!!

After lunch it was unwrinkled. 0

It’s perfect for a student in High School or College that needs a basic blazer.

It’s perfect for anyone getting started in business and for me it will be the ideal travel blazer.

Plus I may keep it in my car – just in case!!

And prominently displayed in the inside collar of the Blazer is a tag with “Made In The USA”!!


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