These are my favorite men’s apparel & accessory brands. Their products are best in their class, listed alphabetically with each category. Some are advertisers for this website; some are not.

Brands designated with an asterisk (*) are Ask Andy About Clothes Advertising Partners. Please show your support by visiting their sites and checking out their product offering(s).

Bespoke & MTM Suits, Sport Jackets & Shirts

Deo Veritas*

Deo Veritas provides perfect fitting dress shirts that you can design yourself online.

Most men can pinpoint at least one body attribute that has proven problematic when they shop for shirts. Deo Veritas has developed an intuitive site that allows users to visually build a shirt in real time from a gallery of curated fabrics.

Proper fit is solved through the use of an incredibly accurate (algorithm derived) system that does not require a measuring tape. This homegrown solution has proven so accurate, they actually guarantee a perfect fit.

Website: | More Info: About Deo Veritas | Official Forum Thread


Bob at iTailor and I go back a long way!  He was one of the first advertisers on AskAndy and I met him on a trip to Thailand.

iTailor is a professional state-of-the art tailoring factory, offering direct factory prices to their customers. They have been in the tailoring business for four decades and are proud to be able to offer the best prices available on the internet.

They provide custom suits, sport jackets, trousers, jeans and even shoes!

Website: | More Info: iTailor Suits Review is operated by the Hemrajani family with a tailoring facility in Hong Kong, but they have a headquarters in the USA (Irvine, California) and a extensive travel schedule so you can meet them near your home.

The website is wonderful where you browse, learn more about tailoring, schedule a fitting, and even place orders. How convenient is that?


Oxxford Clothes, a legend in suit making, was founded in Chicago in 1916, and is the only manufacturer in America that tailors custom garments by hand.

I had the pleasure (and it was a pleasure) to get an Oxxford made-to-measure suit, which is as near to bespoke as possible.

I was measured in Beverly Hills during one of their trunk shows and when we had an AskAndy event in Chicago later in the year the high point of which was a tour of the Oxxford factory, they had my suit ready for the second fitting by non-other than the renowned Rocco!

They are carried by several high end men’s clothing stores (check their website for locations).


W.W. Chan

Highest quality craftsmanship and fabrics and their tailors travel to you for the perfect measurements.

Patrick Wa Miu Chu, General Manager



Equus Leather

Some of the highest quality leather belts on earth!  Plus they have a large collection of wallets, watch straps and accessories.

They have been making products that combine beauty, exclusivity, utility, longevity and above all craftsmanship for discerning customers since 1995.

Equus Leather is offering AskAndy Members a generous 10% discount.  The coupon code at checkout is AskAndy10%



Edward Green

Exceptional British Shoes. In my estimation one of the highest quality shoe makers.

Each pair of Edward Greens is made in their Northampton, UK workshop, cut by hand from the world’s finest leathers.  Crafted and honed with unerring attention to detail Edward Green shoes exemplify the elegance of quintessentially English style.

They offer ready-to-wear as well as custom made (bespoke) footwear.

News!  The London Edward Green store is where we had the AskAndy Event.


George Cleverley & Co. Ltd

George Cleverley is a classic shoe company with an impressive history.

Headed by George Glasgow  (Co-owner & Chairman) & George Glasgow Jr. (Co-owner & CEO), it has become world-renowned for handmade shoes & leather goods.  And the two George’s are both great people.

Between George Sr. & George Jr. they attend every trunk show around the world to ensure they meet with clients and keep a personal relationship with their customers.

Website: | Email | London Shop | Tel: +44 20 7493 0443  Fax: +44 20 7493 4991

Herring Shoes*

Herring Shoes is an English family business which was started in 1966 by Richard Herring.

They  offer top quality shoes from English manufacturers such as Barker, Church’s, Cheaney & Loake with personal service.

They also retail their own ‘Herring’ brand of footwear which is tailored to today’s needs with fantastic styles and top quality, created from years of inside knowledge of the English handcrafted shoe trade.  Our aim is to help everyone to understand how important good shoes are in life.

I’ve been dealing with Herring Shoes since 2002 and always received great service and the finest shoes at excellent prices.  I always work with Herring Customer Service on the fit and right size for my shoes.

SPECIAL OFFER from Herring Shoes:

  • Spend over 150 Pounds S. on Herring brand shoes and Ask Andy Members will receive 10% off by entering AA10 at checkout
  • Use code AAST to get a free pair of shoe trees instead.

Note: You can only use one code per order and this offer excludes sale shoes.

Website: | More Info: Herring Shoes Review | Official Forum Thread

Pediwear Footwear*

English Gentlemen’s Shoes from Crockett & Jones, Tricker’s, Alfred Sargent, Barker, Loake, Grenson and Sanders!

Online customers enjoy detailed and prompt responses to their enquiries as well as to Shoe Orders.

However, it is the fact that Pediwear successfully compete with huge organizations on Shoe Prices and Delivery Prices that is giving Pediwear a growing reputation for Value as well as for the family business tradition of personal service.

To help care for your new shoes, Pediwear is offering free shoes trees on any orders for Goodyear welted shoes over £150.  Just mention ‘Ask Andy’ in the comments section!!!

Website: | More Info: Pediwear Footwear Review



RibbedTee offers an incredible selection of Made in USA Underwear, Undershirts, & T-shirts!

Smart fabrics. Smart design. Smart Underwear.

RibbedTee has also been voted by Esquire & as favorite undershirt & best of the best.

First Time Purchase Discount Offer:

Get 20% off your first purchase*, using coupon code FIRST20 at checkout.

Website: | Underwear Tips: How To Find Underwear That Prevents Chafing | Video: 5 Rules: How & When to Wear Undershirts


Carlo Franco Neckties

Jill is the sole owner now and she was always the one with the design and fabric taste.

And tasteful they are!  They are famous for true 7-fold neckties, unlined.


Chippneckwear / WinstonTailors*

Paul Winston, has been a valued Member and contributor to the AskAndy Forum since 2006!

He’s famous for his grenadine neckties!  But they also feature braces, unique watches, and travel bags.

Website: | More Info: Chippneckwear Review