Athletic Body Type

Dress & Fashion For The Athletic Body Type

Large Chest, Small Waist — Must endure lots of envy!

Suit Style:

Two-button, single-breasted style suits are best.

There are special “athletic” styles sold with larger drops — or you can purchase matching jacket and trousers separately. A drop is the difference between the jacket size and pants, by the way. Usually suits have a six-inch drop which means a 46 suit may have trousers that are 40″ in the waist.

If you can’t find an “athletic” style go for suits with full cuts so that alterations are easier.

If your weight is in your torso, then a vent-less jacket can have a slimming effect. Boxy or straight cuts are flattering. Shoulder padding should be natural.

Patterns and Colors:
Suits for guys with athletic shapes require dark colors and subtle or no patterns. When you wear a sports jacket and slacks, you can use a dark blazer with lighter color trousers if you have a broad chest and shoulders or if you own a body with a broad bottom and less developed upper body try a light blazer (camel) and dark slacks.

Medium or lightweight fabrics work better than anything bulky.

Shirts and Ties:
Try a straight point collar rather than a spread collar. Vertical stripes work well.

Review the Body Type for your particular “below the waist” style (short, thin, or tall).

Avoid a heavy, clunky look.

Try braces (suspenders) to hold up your pants, unless you are barrel-chested. The vertical lines of a pair of braces helps reduce your chest bulk.

Eyewear Shape:
If you have a square face try glasses with rounded lenses to soften the square line. Large faces should avoid little frames like “granny” glasses and look for frames that bridge the face (like wrap-around sun glasses).

Single breasted with set-in sleeves will look good on you.

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