Aventail Holeless Belts Review

Aventail holeless belts are a unique player in the men’s accessories game. Their automatic ratchet belts look like a standard belt from afar, but upon closer inspection you notice something unusual: there are no holes!

This article gives you an overview of the company and their efforts help dapper men dial in their fit.

The Story of Aventail Holeless Belts

The company is an idea by Mr. Phu Tran of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He knows the market for menswear accessories can be frustrating: lack of sizing, poor workmanship, and boring colors.

His product fills three gaps:

  • Adjustable: Very few of us are lucky enough to stay the same waist size. Enter the Ratchet belt!
  • Made with Premium materials: Belts are made to hit all price points. But, he wanted something made with full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather.
  • Available in a variety of colors: Sure, you can get a host of brown shades- but what about green or orange? Phu wanted something to match his shoes!

Let’s dive into each of these points.

What Are Holeless Belts?

A holeless belt is a belt that uses a ratchet system to fasten versus the traditional way — using pre-determined placed holes.

For any number of reasons, our waist size can change. Perhaps you’ve put on or lost five pounds. Or, perhaps that off-the-rack pair of pants is just a touch loose in the waist, but not so much you want to get them taken in.

The problem here is with belt holes. Their spaces are far apart. This can mean adjusting it one notch tighter is quite constricting. But, loosening it a notch means you have a tough time keeping your pants up!

The solution is the holeless ratchet belt.

Locking Aventail Holeless Belt

As we can see, the belt has durable plastic ratchets. The stainless steel buckle slides in and locks the ratchets in place.

Most importantly, these notches are spaced only a quarter inch apart. This allows you dial in your fit, no matter if you run 5K that morning or save room for cheesecake that night.

Premium Materials and Quality Construction

You can find belts made of treated leather for just a few dollars at your local big-box store. Or, an artisan can make one with exotic skins. That’ll set you back a few thousand dollars. Surely there’s a middle ground!

Enter Aventail holeless belts. They make all their belts with full-grain vegetable tanned cowhide. Full-grain leather hides are not sanded, treated, or ‘corrected’ to make the product look better than it actually is. You’re getting the good stuff with Aventail.

They also use vegetable tanning, not chrome-tanning like many of the leathers on the market today. Vegetable tanning is an ancient and laborious process resulting in a product with unique markings, depth, and character.

Leather goods with this process have a pleasant, slightly sweet scent to them.

Aventail Holeless Belt Close Up
Clean Lines on the Aventail Holeless Belt!

The company makes their belts without edge stitching for a sharp, clean look. Aventail stitches the ratchet system in by hand.

Each belt also has a stainless steel buckle. This is much more durable than the zinc alloy cheaper belts tend to use.

Aventail makes all of their belts to order and will cut a belt to a length specific to your waist size.


All of Aventail’s belts are hand-dyed. Mr. Tran currently offers them in over 20 different colors. You really can match them with your shoes!

Aventail Holeless Belt Colors
Chocolate, Dark Brown, and Green Belts
Aventail Belt Colors 2
Even Light Green and Orange Belts!

However, should you want something even more unique, Phu is able to make one custom for you.

He’s not able to offer exotic leathers just yet, but it’s certainly a consideration because each belt is made-to-order.

Aventail Holeless Belts: A Unique Name

The company’s product is unique, but they also have a unique name.

An Aventail is a flexible piece of linked mail found on medieval body armor. Its purpose to protect the space between the chest piece and the helmet.

Phu has revived the term for the modern age. He says if your clothing fits you well and looks terrific, you feel can take on the world.

A man’s outfit is indeed his armor. The Aventail holeless belt is there to cover the gaps in that armor and to prepare you for what lies ahead.

We’d tend to agree with that.

If you’re looking to connect with Phu, you can reach him on the official Aventail Thread over on our online community.