Diabetic Socks for Men: Stay Comfortable

With over 30 million diabetics in the United States alone, the need for diabetic socks has never been greater. If you’re considering investing in a pair, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

We’ll cover what these socks are, how they work, why they’re different from compression socks, what to look for in a good sock, and why they’ll help you live a more comfortable life.

What Are Diabetic Socks?

Diabetic socks, like the ones offered by our article sponsor, Diabetic Sock Club, are designed to combat frequent nerve pain as a side effect of Type I and Type II diabetes.

They can come in crew, mid-calf, or over-the-calf styles. They are extremely lightweight, with a thin elastic band around the top that helps the stock stay up.

Wait, Aren’t Those Compression Socks?

Quite the opposite, actually. Compression socks are designed to, well, compress. If you suffer from diabetic neuropathy, the last thing you want to feel is restricted or compressed!

And, if you do suffer from diabetic neuropathy, you may be more susceptible to breaks in the skin, which can lead to infection and more serious complications.

For this reason, we’d suggest a pair of diabetic socks over a pair of compression socks.

How do Diabetic Socks work?

Diabetic socks are lightweight, have an elastic band around the top of the sock, and are made from a material-like fine cotton- designed to promote easy blow flow up and down your legs.

Here’s a great example that shows how how diabetic socks fit around the calf vs regular socks.

But, they don’t constrict or put pressure the way compression socks do. They gently hug your calves, stay up all day, and are wonderfully comfortable to wear.

Because they’re so gentle and comfortable, they’re generally effective at combating stabbing diabetic nerve pain.

So, what should I look for in a Diabetic sock?

Diabetic Sock Club lay out five useful criteria to look for in this kind of sock.

A tight fit, but still loose enough to be comfortable

As we’ve discussed above, you want a sock to be snug.

It won’t fall down, resists wrinkling (which can further irritate your sensitive skin!), and gives you the clean, stylish lines any good pair of dress socks should.

Sturdy Construction with very few seams

Seams on clothing, especially on sensitive areas like your feet, create points of irritation which. They’re annoying, but can be quite painful. Diabetic Sock Club uses the fewest seams possible for maximum comfort.

Diabetic socks from The Diabetic Sock Club.

Soft and Breathable Material

Because the skin is so sensitive, finer and thinner materials are best.

Wool or nylon/polyester blends are simply itchy, hot, and woefully ineffective. Diabetic Sock Club uses ultra-thin cotton for all of their fine socks.

Exceptional Design

Diabetic Sock Club uses the thin elastic we’ve spoken about already to help those socks stay up without constricting you or your movement.

Every pair is ergonomically shaped to fit your foot and your lifestyle.

Potentially life-saving Colors

There’s no shortage of “funky” socks on the market today.

But, if you suffer from diabetic nerve pain, you may be also be at risk of decreased sensitivity in your feet. This means you may not feel an errant cut or scrape, which could become infected and lead to a range of health complications.

Lighter colors, like white and beige, make cuts and scrapes easy to see and address quickly.

So, Where Do I Wear My Diabetic Socks?

Anywhere you like.

Perhaps the best part about Diabetic Sock Club is that they make diabetic socks that look like any other socks. Wear them to dinner. Wear them to the grocery store. Consider them suits, chinos, jeans, or anything else you like. No one will know the difference.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of wearing diabetic socks, please check out this What Are Diabetic Socks article.

Recap & FAQs on Diabetic Socks

What socks are best for diabetics?

The most ideal socks for diabetics are those that do not restrict lower leg circulation, but include FDA-regulated graduated compression that promotes proper circulation.

What are diabetic socks for men?

Diabetic socks are socks specifically designed to reduce or eliminate pressures or hot spots around the calf & lower legs. The sock is close fitting, but not restrictive. See Wikipedia for additional details.

Do diabetic socks really work?

Yes, for those with diabetes, diabetic socks promote proper circulation without being restrictive.

Are diabetic socks tight or loose?

Diabetic socks are close fitting, very stretchy, non-constrictive, and generally should feel loose on the wearer.

What’s the difference between diabetic socks and compression socks?

Diabetic socks (compared to compression socks) are made with a loose non-binding top. Compression socks are tight around the legs. For more information on the differences, please visit this article.

Wrapping Up: More than Just Socks

Managing diabetes and foot pain from diabetic neuropathy takes more than just a good pair of socks.

Eat a balanced diet of lean protein, whole grain, and plenty of vegetables. Exercise as often as possible, even if it’s just going for a walk.

Consider frequent warm baths. Not only will the water improve your blood flow; it might be just the stress-reliever you need!

And, consider these socks a part of your style. They’re unobtrusive, and blend seamlessly in with a classic menswear enthusiast’s wardrobe.

For more on socks and how they work with your style, have a look over here.

Thanks for reading.