7 Best Men’s Stretch Blazers Under $500

Many of us are returning to the office this year. Or, even if we’re not, we’re at least considering looking more presentable on those videos calls. In or out of the office, though, business casual menswear is evolving to favor a relaxed approach. Springtime means packing away the flannels and tweed; but if you’d still like a jacket, why not try a stretch blazer? We’ve rounded up seven of the best stretch blazers for men under $500 to get you ready for the office, but staying comfortable.

What Makes The Stretch Blazer Stretchy?

Before we dive into the list, let’s talk about what actually gives a stretch blazer its flex.

Typically, the stretch is going to come from synthetic textiles like elastic, polyester, rayon, or tencel blended with natural materials like cotton, wool, or silk.

It’s essentially the same idea behind your favorite workout shirt. But, of course, you don’t want your blazer to look like you just came from crushing a Crossfit WOD. So, finding the *right* blend of materials is key. That said, we’ve got seven stretchy blazers to get you on your way.

Our Top Men’s Stretch Blazer Picks

1. Bonobos Stretch Blazer in Italian Wool

best stretch navy blazer ideas for men and travel

We dig the tailored look of this blazer. The overall makeup is 97% cotton and 3% elastane. It won’t be the stretchiest blazer, but will definitely give you some movement. Plus, it’s available in several great spring colors. Shop Here.

2. State of Matter Triton Suit Jacket

State of Matter Triton Suit Jacket

One of the stretchiest of the bunch. State of Matter is a brand offering comfortable, office appropriate pieces with added bonus for sustainable fashion. Their jackets are made from 79% ECONYL, a nylon-like material made from recycled fishnets. Even better- they’re machine-washable! Shop Here.

3. Twillory Performance Jacket

Twillory 4-way stretch jacket: best men's blazers for airplane travel

Twillory’s performance jacket boasts 4-way stretch from their “100% Japanese Stretch Fabric.” While the site isn’t totally clear on what that means (and all material should be four-way stretch anyway), we assume a sort of blend of a synthetic with Japanese cloth. But Twillory does say it’s machine washable. They also have matching trousers if you’d like to make it a full stretch suit. Shop Here.

4. Lululemon New Venture Blazer

Lululemon Performance Stretch Blazer for Men

The makers of little black stretch pants have branched out beyond workout gear. Lululemon’s ‘New Venture’ stretch blazer is water-repellent and designed for those on the move. The unstructured piece falls decidedly into the more casual camp, but it certainly fits the bill for stretchy material in a blazer. Shop Here.

5. J. Crew Ludlow Slim-fit suit jacket in stretch four-season Italian wool

JCrew Ludlow Navy Blazer for Men

The J. Crew Ludlow is a classic for a reason. But, the addition of a moderate stretch fabric version shows the mall stalwart is evolving with the times. This wool/elastane blend suit is still lined on the inside- which should help it keep its structure if you’re wearing sitting through a long business meeting. As an added bonus, J.Crew will tailor it in-store for free. Shop Here.

6. Banana Republic Motion Tech Blazer

Best Banana Republic Blazers for Men Spring

Banana Republic came in with this blazer offering all day wear and features stretch, water repellency, and breathability. The shell is 100% polyester, so you’ll definitely get a lot of stretch. Like the Lululemon, it’s definitely more on the elevated casual slide. Shop Here.

7. Bonobos Tech Blazer

How to wear a men's stretch navy blazer

For number 7, we came back to another option from Bonobos. Their tech blazer is a mix of Nylon and Spandex, which will offer more stretch than the Italian Stretch Blazer we just mentioned. However, they still got that great tailored look to it. Shop Here.

Stretch Blazers: Honorable Mention

They didn’t make the ‘best of’ list because they’re perpetually sold out, but it’s no surprise Uniqlo has a great line of Stretch Wool Jackets. Uniqlo makes excellent basic pieces, and we believe these will definitely hold up.

How to Wear a Stretch Blazer?

Business Casual Styling

Inevitably, if you’re looking for a blazer with some stretch, you’re going to be looking for something a bit more business casual. Typically, you won’t get these kinds of fabric blends in your true formal wear. 

Spring/Summer Suiting

Consequently, a lot of these types of blazers will be suitable (ah, get it?) for spring and summer. Most of the time, a fabric blend that provides stretch ends up in an unlined or partially lined blazer. You’re looking at only one layer of fabric, which helps with both stretch and breathability.

There are some exceptions here, which you’ll see in our list. But if it’s lined, you’ll probably get less stretch out of your blazer.

Stretch Blazers Wrap Up

This is our list, but we want to know if you have tried any other stretch blazers that have made your top 7 as well. Let us know in our online community (link below). 

Most importantly, when you’re looking for more stretch in your blazer, consider how much and what you want the suit to feel like. The more elastic material, the more stretch but also the more casual and performance type you’ll go. Keep that fabric blend in mind. 

Have more questions about stretch blazers?

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