Black Brown 1826: Everything You Need to Know

It’s time for one of men’s fashion’s best-kept secrets to come in from out of the cold. We’re talking, of course, about the Black Brown 1826 collection from Lord & Taylor, a ready-to-wear menswear line.

While it may not have the same visibility of other department store fashion lines, it does offer some of the highest quality fabrics and designs at a an affordable price.

Black Brown 1826 is often considered a cut above many other house brands such as DKNY, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and others. It can even sometimes give the lauded Brooks Brothers a run for its money when it comes to value and quality.

Looking for more budget-minded menswear that offers a unique and more iconic style than you would get off the rack elsewhere? If so, there’s much about Lord & Taylor’s little-known fashion line that will be to your liking.

When Did Black Brown 1826 Debut?

Black Brown 1826 first debuted in 2009. This makes it one of the newer clothing lines in modern pret-a-porter midrange fashion for men. As Lord & Taylor’s newest in-house brand, the “1826” is more than just a number. It’s also the founding year of the American retail chain. Plus, it’s part and parcel with the desire to give Black Brown a more distinguished pedigree that casts farther than over the scant decade that it’s been in existence.

Many may be shocked to realize that this fashion line hasn’t been part of Lord & Taylor’s offering for decades. Its iconic looks are timeless!

Who Designed Black Brown 1826?

Black Brown 1826 was the brainchild of Joseph Abboud, the legendary American fashion designer that’s largely responsible for the popularity of major brands such as Ralph Lauren in the 1980s.

Joseph Abbound
Joseph Abbound

Starting in 1987, Abboud struck out on his own and he has never looked back. Still highly active in fashion today, Abboud produces men’s clothing under his own lines. At the same time, he also acts as chief creative director for Tailored Brands Inc, formerly known as Men’s Wearhouse.

If you “liked the way you look” anytime over the past 15 years, thank Abboud for that.

What Style Is Black Brown 1826?

Securely ensconced in the “working class luxury” aesthetic complete with wool, herringbone, and newsboy caps, Black Brown 1826 features a mix of both street smarts and country wisdom. The overall design pulls heavily on designer Joseph Abboud’s experiences growing up in Boston, Massachusetts.

The line draws its inspiration from the labels on old whisky bottles, embracing the earth tones that Abboud often favors in much of his work.

However, it’s not all newsies and bootblacks when it comes to Abboud’s inner muse. This is one Red Sox fan that, while designing with an international flair, has never lost sight of his roots.

European sophistication and American ease come together in Black Brown 1826. Cut, color, and fabric are brilliantly combined, making the collections appeal to the more adventurous among us who still want to look good.

How Affordable is Lord & Taylor’s Black Brown 1826?

Black Brown 1826 was specifically designed to provide a value-based alternative to extreme high-end men’s clothing. Plus, its charter was to allow Lord & Taylor to compete more effectively with stores such as Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. Lord & Taylor also wanted to blow more fast fashion lines from places like Target and Walmart right out of the water.

Joseph Abbound presents Black & Brown 1826 collection
Joseph Abbound presenting Black & Brown 1826 collection

This makes Black Brown 1826 comparable in price to other fashion lines that inhabit the same space. This is, of course, one of designer Joseph Abboud’s specialties. He is the same man who went on to be the creative director for Men’s Wearhouse.

As we all know, Men’s Wearhouse is one of the most well-known affordable menswear retailers in the United States. Clearly he knows a thing or two about creating menswear that both looks good and won’t break the bank.

Where Are These Clothes Made?

The Black Brown 1826 collection is produced at a number of locations. Some garments, such as the polo shirts and seersucker jackets, are made in Hong Kong. These items have become some of the most popular brand items.

This, and the level of quality that’s come to be expected from Made in China-style garments, is typical for a mid-range men’s fashion line, especially when it comes to casualwear. However, Black Brown 1826 suits are tailored by a menswear manufacturer based in Montreal. This is one reason why Black Brown 1826 suits are often seen as a cut above the typical department store suit.

Many of these suits and jackets come with custom detailing such as lapels with seams for a more upscale touch while still being affordable, offering tons of class and style at a price that won’t break the bank.

Who Should Wear Black Brown 1826?

Everyone should wear clothes that make them look good as well as feel good. There are few menswear lines out there that can honestly say they strive for both. With Black Brown 1826, it’s clear that the fashion inspiration for this entire line takes both comfort and style into account in ways that many other lines simply don’t, especially when it comes to a department store brand.

With the kind of attention to detail and styling that you’re unaccustomed to seeing in off-the-rack menswear, Black Brown 1826 offers an upscale look without having to pay upscale ticket prices. This, combined with its sartorial splendor that offers hints of early 20th-century masculinity without sacrificing comfort, means that there’s little not to like about this men’s clothing line.

You should always buy the best clothes you can afford. If that means you’re a Brooks Brothers guy, then so be it. However, not everyone is so affluent.

If you can only afford department store brand menswear, then Black Brown 1826 is an excellent choice, as it offers high levels of value for money while also providing a great style that’s head-and-shoulders above other typical brands like Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein.

This hidden gem of a menswear line won’t stay hidden forever, so if you’re looking to supplement your current wardrobe, give Black Brown 1826 some consideration!

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