All You Need to Know About Blair Clothing

Blair Corporation is one of the best-known and loved mail-order retail clothing stores for men, women, and children. Blair clothing has existed for over 100 years (since 1910) and been sold to millions of customers outside the United States. The company’s headquarters are in Warren, Pennsylvania, with warehouses and distributors in several other locations.

If you want to buy clothes from Blair, the first step will be checking their online or physical catalog. Because they work mostly by mail order, you should know how to order correctly.

This ensures that you get your next outfits in the perfect size and fit. Learn everything you need to know about sizing and ordering Blair clothing.

Blair Clothing

How Do I Get the Correct Size in Blair Clothing?

It is critical to know your size perfectly before ordering your clothing from Blair. This way, you will avoid the inconvenience and disappointment of returns or exchanges.

To determine your size, you need to take several measurements. A tailor should take your measurements, but the next suitable alternative is to have your friend do it.

You shouldn’t do it yourself, because you ought to be standing in a relaxed stance for accurate dimensions.

How to Take Measurements – Women

To begin, ensure the tape measure is straight and held snug against your frame without being tight.

Wear the undergarments you intend to wear under the clothes you will buy. These are the women’s measurements to take:

  • Bust – under the arms and through the fullest part of your bust with your arms relaxed (not lifted above your shoulders)
  • Chest – under the arms then above the bust
  • Waist – around the smallest part of your waistline, slightly above the navel
  • Hips – around the fullest part of the hips, usually 8” below the waist

If you’re not sure how to measure your hips, start slightly above the hips, then slowly move the tape measure down, letting out small bits.

Once you have these measurements, you can check the tables in the Blair Size Guide to know the perfect size to order. The sizes are as follows for average and full-figured women:

  • Petite Sizes – 4′ 11″ – 5′ 3″
  • Misses Sizes – 5′ 3½ ” – 5′ 7½ “
  • Tall Sizes – Over 5/7”
  • Women’s Sizes – 5’3 ½” – 5’7” full figure

Note: The lengths are based on the large size, skirts are measured from just under the waistband to the hem. Dresses and skirt length are styled proportionately short or long according to the style.

If you have unique sizing needs or you don’t know how to order the right size, you can call the toll-free number and speak with a service assistant. Alternatively, order one size bigger – it’s far easier to take in bigger clothing.

How to Measure – Undergarments

Correct undergarment sizing determines how well your outfits sit and your level of comfort.

Use these steps to measure your bra size:

  • Wrap a tape measure just below the bust. Hold snugly but not tightly to get your bra size
  • Round up half-measurements to the nearest whole even number
  • Measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust as described above.
  • Subtract the bra size measurement from the full-bust measurement. The difference gives cup sizes as follows:
  • 1” – A cup
  • 2” – B cup
  • 3” – C cup
  • 4” – D cup
  • 5” – DD or E cup 
  • 6” – DDD or F cup
  • 7” – DDDD or G cup
  • 8” – DDDDD or H cup

To buy your panties, consider the size of your hips and waist to determine the correct size to order. Avoid ordering sets unless both the bra and panties are in your size.

How to Measure – Men

Men need the following measurements to know the perfect size to order:

  • Neck – the tape should sit comfortably around the base of your neck
  • Chest – measure around the chest, under the arms, and across your shoulder blades
  • Waist – measure around your natural waistline, just below the navel
  • Inseam – measure from the top of the interior leg (where fly ends) to the ankle
  • Arm length – measure from the back center of the neck, across the shoulder and elbow to your wrist

For accuracy, always take measurements with your undergarments on. Allow the tape measure to sit flat against your frame, and it should be snug but not tight.

How Should I Order from Blair?

For men, if you wish to order a two-piece outfit, remember that the coat/jacket pants are sold separately.

Online, you will have two fields to complete a two-piece order. Use the neck size to order tailored or casual shirts, and the chest size to order underwear, outerwear, jackets, or sports coats.

Use the waist size to order shorts, pants, or underwear. Garment lengths for tall sizes are about 2” longer than other sizes.

Is My Blair Clothing Fit Perfect?

Getting the perfect fit from your clothes is essential to looking and feeling good when you wear your Blair clothes.

There are ways to determine whether or not the clothes you’ve received fit correctly. Check the tips below to help you assess your new arrivals:


You should be able to move your arms without the jacket pulling awkwardly or being too tight. The sleeve hems should cover the wrist bone when your arms hang at the side.

You should sit comfortably with the jacket buttoned. The hem should sit at the same level all around, without dipping or lifting.


There should never be gaping or puling between buttons. Your arms should move freely with the top constricting or pulling.

Bras should not peek even when arms are raised for sleeveless tops. The shoulder seam should sit on your natural shoulder line.

For collared shirts, you should easily slip two fingers between the collar and neck when the topmost button is fastened.

When the shirt is tucked, there should be enough fabric for you to sit or raise your arms; it should not pull from the skirt or pants.


You should be able to pinch one inch of extra fabric at the mid-hip point when standing. When standing still, any slits should lie closed. The side seams should be straight and hanging perpendicular to the floor.

Skirts cut with bias should have smooth, even seams. Unless on purpose, the seam should be level (not rising at the back).


When seated, you should be able to slide your thumb through the waistband and remain comfortable.

The side seams should be straight and perpendicular to the floor. Hemlines should touch your instep and cover half of your heel.


There should be no gaping or constriction in the armholes, chest area, shoulder seams, and neckline. If sleeveless, the dree should lie flat against your underarms; your bra should not peek even when arms are raised.

When standing, check that the hem hangs straight all around, except where the style is asymmetrical. Ensure there is ample overlap when bending or sitting in a wrap dress.

Bonus Tip: How to Save Money When Shopping at Blair

Blair clothing store has vast inventory; you can shop for your entire home on a budget. These tips will help you save even more money when shopping for clothes at Blair.

Check the Sale and Clearance Sections

You will find a dedicated Clearance Section on Blair, where you will find crazy markdowns – discounts as high as 70-85 percent.

Blair Clothing Clearance

Blair VIP Credit Card and Email Subscription

If you make most of your clothing purchases at Blair, consider getting the Blair VIP credit card, which gives you access to exclusive email offers, coupons, deals, birthday, and anniversary offers, among others.

The VIP credit card earns you a $10 reward certificate every time you spend $150 at Blair clothing

You can sign-up for email notifications and coupons/discounts that even without the card though.

Follow Blair’s Socials

Follow Blair on Facebook and Pinterest to see the deals and products highlighted for every season.

Blair Factory Store

If you live in Pennsylvania, you can save 20 percent off the catalog prices by visiting the factory stores.

A group of friends can organize a trip and negotiate for even more exclusive group discounts.

Can I Return Blair Clothing Outfits if I am Not Satisfied?

Blair is committed to customer satisfaction, so you can return a purchase if you’re not satisfied. You can both return for merchandise credit and exchange for another outfit. Each packing slip comes with the easy return label you can use to ship the package. It is pre-paid and pre-addressed.

However, not that returns at Blair are charged an $8.99 flat fee, which will be deducted from the merchandise credit that you get. However, there are free returns and exchange policies, depending on the circumstances of the sale.

Final Thoughts

Now you know everything you need about shopping for Blair clothing, online, or using the physical catalog.

The most important takeaway is to take time, get accurate measurements of yourself (or the person you’re buying for) and then understand the size guide.

If you have any trouble ordering and interpreting sizes, you can always speak to a customer service representative before making your order.

Happy shopping!

Have questions from others who have purchased Blair Clothing? Feel free to ask your question in our online community!