Another Name For Brogue Shoes?

Brogue Shoes


I recall there being another name for brogue (perforated) shoes, but can’t find it anywhere. Can you help?

You might be thinking of “Wingtip” which is a certain type of Brogue. ?? Here is what I have in my book, The Encyclopedia of Men’s Clothes:

Brogue Shoes – any dress shoe that includes “brogueing”, the tiny holes punched in the leather to form a pattern. “Brog” is the Gaelic word for shoe. The word is also used for an Irish or Scottish accent. Maybe it means the speech of one who wears brogues!!

In about 1790 the Irish and Scots wore a coarse heelless shoe of untanned deer hide with the hair left on. After walking through a marshy field and having their shoes fill with water, the Scots started punching holes into the toe and around the sides of their shoes to let bog water escape. At the end of the 19th century shoemakers began copying the elaborate decorative perforations and by 1915 wing tips were in vogue.

The wing tip is the best know brogue shoe and gets it name because the perforated toe decoration resembles a bird with spread wings. It is the traditional shoe for business, which excludes it for casual wear, and especially formalwear.

“Medallion” or “semi-brogue” describes a perforated design only on the toe, like the cap toe. “Full brogues” refer to a design carried onto the sides, like wing tips. The more design the less dressy the shoe.