Carlo Franco Neckties

Jill is the sole owner of Carlo Franco Neckties now and she was always the one with the design and fabric taste.

And tasteful they are!

Check the website:

I just got this seven-fold:




These are true 7-fold neckties, unlined.  But for those of you who prefer to have the added heft of the lined, folded tie, they hope to add a limited selection of true, unlined seven-folds to each of our future collections. But they truly will be limited editions.

The silk is woven (not printed) in Como, Italy  The weaver provides the silk for many names you would know. They’re arguably the best in the world, and one of a very small handful who still actually does the weaving in Como.

Then the neckties are hand-finished in Southern Italy where the artisan who makes the necktie hand-signs a card that comes with the Carlo Franco necktie.

As good as the quality was from our last manufacturer, we simply could not trust them for fulfillment. They are largely the reason for our loss of credibility the last time.”  — Jill

There are lots of plans for additional product lines in the near future so stay tuned! 

Carlo Franco Neckties AskAndy Member Discount

Jill just announced a special 10% off the Carlo Franco neckties for AskAndy Members (that’s around $25 off most of their ties !!)

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