Holiday Parties & Events

Here are some great tips for surviving and still enjoying those holiday parties in style. Learn what to wear and how to make a great impression at holiday parties and events.

all-about-chocolate-historyAll About Chocolate

All About Chocolate

All About Chocolate A History Of Chocolate: Chocolate, which is derived from the seed of the cacao tree probably originated in the Amazon around 2000 BC. The scientific name of the cacao tree’s fruit is “Theobroma Cacao”. Theobroma means “food of the gods” as named  by Swedish botanist Carl von Linnaeus in […]

valentines-day-cardsValentine's Day Cards

Valentine’s Cards

  Valentine Cards  It is believed that the “valentine” was the first  greeting card. Valentine’s Day is the second largest card sending and receiving day each year only surpassed by Christmas. One billion valentine  cards are sent each year.  The first written valentine is attributed to a young Frenchman, Charles, Duke of Orleans. From […]