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Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons Luxury!

Most of the items on Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons website are described as “world’s finest”, luxurious, and it’s not hype! Their items really are the finest in the world.


iTailor is a professional state-of-the art tailoring factory, offering direct factory prices to their customers. Their suits, sports jackets and trousers are well made. And don’t forget to have a shirt or shoes custom made! has lots of unique cufflinks, plus hundreds of additions items, like bags, neckwear, phone cases, pocket squares, etc.!!

Twillory-Shirts-Sky-GinghamTwillory Shirts - Sky Gingham

Twillory Shirts

Twillory is a startup company going online to offer directly to the customer high quality shirts without excessive markup. Most shirts are only $79 However, they are actually building on top of their company’s heritage which started in 1892. Their history in manufacturing began in Austria at the turn of […]

natty-shirts-Egyptian-cotton-weavedNatty Shirts - Egyptian Cotton

Natty Shirts

I just got a great shirt from Natty Shirts! The Good Nice fabric –  I chose 100% super fine Egyptian cotton weaved in 100 single cotton yarn  and mercerized for zero shrinkage and a silky smooth feeling, and only $99. Removable plastic collar stays and an extra metal pair was […]

Gaziano-Girling-shoes-Bates-loafersGaziano & Girling Bates Loafers

G & G Shoes

Are these G & G shoes the Most Beautiful EVER? Just got these incredibly beautiful shoes from Tony Gaziano & Dean Girling! They are Bates loafers, wholecut in Vintage Pine with brogueing on the toe. Remember they just announced their new revised website and online boutique: We are pleased to […]

sport-jacket-W-W-ChanW.W. Chan Sport Jacket

W. W. Chan & Sons Tailor, LTC.

W.W. Chan & Sons in Hong Kong is one of the most respected tailors in the world. They provide the highest quality craftsmanship and fabrics and their tailors travel to you for the perfect measurements.

and a second W.W. Chan suit bought in the U.S., the S 130 Vitale Barberis Canonico.