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AskAndy Community Member Meeting — Montreal, Canada

Montreal is really beautiful. Great history, architecture, men’s shops, and restaurants!

We met with AskAndy Forum Member, Barrister & Solicitor. And yes he is an attorney! I’m always amazed at those folks who can speak several languages fluently (and in Barrister & Solicitor’s case – really fluently)!

Beach Reporter 2

Andy Gilchrist (at left), community development intern for the City of Manhattan Beach (back in 1977), discusses a city permit application for a residential addition with local designer.

The Old Farmer’s 2016 Almanac

Just was featured in the Old Farmer’s 2016 Almanac, page 18, reporting men’s fashion trends for 2016. For Men, “Black has traditionally not been acceptable for business suits, but there has been a gain in its popularity.” –Andy Gilchrist, author, “The Encyclopedia of Men’s Clothes.”  

AskAndy Meeting Hong Kong

Here are the photos from the Hong Kong Ask Andy Event, April 11, 2015 First to arrive was Arvind from in New York City (but the tailoring is done in Hong Kong) with my new sport jacket. Look at that lining!  And the breast pocket is lined with the […]


AskAndy Men Shopping Excursion!

Best Men’s Shopping Day ever!! OldSarge has been the inspiration for several of these excursions into Orange County, but this was the best! We started at Allen Edmonds store in South Coast Plaza where Manager Dan greeted us by opening an hour early, providing coffee and croissants or muffins and […]

Alan Flusser

Got to visit with Alan at his presentation at Palm Springs. I met him a few years ago in New York City when I was there for one of the AskAndy Events and got to tour his custom shop. And since then we’ve exchange e-mails.   He had a video […]

GQ What Happened to Men’s Wear

What the Hell Happened to #Menswear? BY JIAN DELEON December 18, 2013 Yesterday Tumblr released its Year In Review of 2013’s most reblogged posts. One of the categories shows what’s been really popular in the menswear hashtag—and boy is it disappointing. What once used to be a genuine pulse of […]

Ask Andy London Event 2013

Thresher & Glenny hosted the AskAndy London event.  The historic tailor shop offers bespoke, made to measure and made to order suits, morning coats, dinner jackets, sports coats and blazers, overcoats, shirts (bespoke, made to measure and ready for service), ties, handkerchiefs, boxers, socks, cufflinks and other accessories In addition to […]

The Washington Times

Andy Gilchrist has become a leading men’s style guru since founding in 2001. In this interview with the Washington Times he discusses his life and career and the overall state of men’s fashion in our society that seems to send the message that men shouldn’t care about their appearance.

Creative Tuxedo Styles

While new and wild tuxedo styles are being introduced, traditionalist Andy Gilchrist points out why the traditional tuxedo style, fabric, and colors is still the best choice for men.

Kansas State University Article

Kansas Sate University paper talks with Andy Gilchrist, the maker of AskAndyAboutClothes, a site dedicated to helping men dress better and use their fashion choices to convey who they are and help them achieve more of what they want.

The Beach Reporter

The Beach Reporter talks to Andy about how he became men’s style expert and what led him to begin his popular website,

Where Andy Got His Start

Andy Gilchrist started his career in advertising for The Hutchinson News in central Kansas and has now become one of the top commentators on men’s fashion.