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Note: We are getting lots of spammers trying to sell us sport shoes from several countries*. So, if you are from a one of the countries listed below, but are serious about men's clothes & are genuinely interested in being an active community member, please be sure to follow the application rules carefully & completely.

*90% of our spammers are from India, Bangladesh, Russia, the Philippines and China!

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1. You haven't yet responded to the initial verification e-mail our system sent out

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NY, NY is not a proper answer. Neither is San Jose, CA, USA. We won't penalize you for careless grammar and punctuation, but it is important for you to be as accurate as possible.

If you are not applying from your home base (the location you want listed), but are away, e-mail us because your IP Address will not correspond.

3. If you didn't include all the mandatory information

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