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    Thrift store blues & brags

    I'll lick the spoon.
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    Let's talk about parkas

    Your LL Bean instincts are correct, I think. What you're looking for is a Maine Warden's Parka, not the one now offered that has the zip-out goose down jacket, costs $349 and is made who knows where, but the previous version that is made in USA and will work, on its own, for temperatures down to...
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    All righty then... My guess is that SG doesn't like jazz because it is not as approachable as punk. With the Sex Pistols, Ramones et al, you either get it or you don't, and you get it instantly (kind of like heroin, when you think about it). Jazz requires a more sophisticated ear, and I am...
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    Ebay's insane shipping prices

    Can't explain that. I do know that overseas shipping can be hugely expensive. As a seller, I like the global shipping program, which saves me the hassle of filling out customs forms, which is a hassle.
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    October Acquisitions

    How many watts?
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    October Acquisitions

    How many watts?
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    Omega Speedmaster Pro

    You possess such a thing?
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    The Official AAAT Music Thread: What Are You Listening To?

    Sad news: And FZ certainly had his priorities straight: She also later recalled...
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    Omega Speedmaster Pro

    I've always preferred the Seamaster. The Speedmaster seems cluttered.
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    How on earth did they ever find this guy?

    Yup. A classic case of profiling, which is wrong. Sure, they got their man (maybe--let's wait for the trial, because they might well have just pinched the first guy with tattoos who came along, because we all know that they all look alike to the cops). But at what cost? Tattooed people are...
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    How on earth did they ever find this guy?
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    A plea for good hangers!

    I'm with Eagle. Folks are free to buy whatever they wish, but if you're buying expensive matching hangers because you think that they look good in a closet (which in fact might be true) that no one but you or those you wish to show your closet to will ever see, well, I'm not quite sure what to...
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    Omega Speedmaster Pro

    Those interested in discussing art and religion might check out the Interchange, where lots of stuff is getting said. As for JFK's watch, his cigar box ended up in a Vegas pawn shop. Lord knows who has the watch.
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    Polo at Marshalls

    It's either sheer luck or sheer persistence. If you are persistent, however, you will get lucky. I've always found RL to have weird sizing.
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    Omega Speedmaster Pro

    Didn't find insulting at all, and I don't hate Christianity. It made me laugh. If necessary we can take this to the Interchange, but why do you find it insulting? Let's not forget, the artist (who was not heterosexual, which is an affront to some Christians) was, presumably, paid a fair...