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  • No worries, I'm starting to regret starting it. A colleague of mine sent me, though I hesitate to give his name without consent. I especially don't want to drag him into this in any sort of manner that could affect his life.
    Thanks for your concern regarding the Canterbury quake. I'm quite well in that I live in the North Island, well away from the epicentre. The irony is I live in Hastings which the scene of NZ's worst ever earthquake (Christchurch is now the second worst).

    I have a brother and brother-in-law in Christchurch but both families are safe and well.

    That said, the images on TV are horrifying to watch. Being NZ we are all doing what we can.

    Again, thank you for your thoughts, a tailor.


    Hi, I thought I would ask a tailor. I have been running a MTM/Custom suit business since May. Things have been great. My tailors are both out for a few weeks. I have a customer who purchased 3 custom suits, 2 fit great, but the chest and lapels bow out on one. All the measurements seem accurate. This third one is a super 180s, while the others are 110 and 120. The guy has a big chest. Any ideas on what the issue is and what I can do about it?
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