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  • Hello there!

    If you dont mind, could you give me the measurments of the pair of Gitman shirts that you are selling? Im VERY interested!

    Thanks in advance,

    Hello Alan,

    I am a long time reader, but a first time poster on Andy's. You are part of the reason that I decided to join. In viewing several of the pages in the "what are you wearing" thread, I noticed that we own many of the same books (NIDNT, NIDOTTE, ISBE, and the Black IVP Dict. sets). Given that my reading habits and sartorial leanings are shared by so few, I thought I would contact you. Are you a professor, pastor, interested lay person? Anyhow I look forward to participating more on this site.

    Hi AlanC,

    My name is Mike I am new to askandy. I own a necktie company that Andy did a review on in his fourm. Please feel free take a look at my site, we have some amazing 100% silk ties. Have a great day!
    Hi there

    I am in the UK and love the coat jacket you have omn with the two tone collar. Can you please tell me the name and where you get them from in the US please? Thanks Simon
    I thought I'd give you first crack at a pair of shoes I picked up today.

    I found a very good buy on a pair of AE Bradleys, the split-toe blucher, in burgundy shell with double soles. They are a 9.5B, which I believe is your size. I'm going to post them this weekend for $335 but, if your interested I'll let you have them for the $285 I'm really hoping to get out of them.
    Alan, A question and suggestion. The default setting for views on the Sales Forum is one day. Is this something that I can change on a permanent basis? I know you can change it manually to see posts for the past two days, etc. It just seems to me that since you buy time in the Sales Forum by the week, it would make more sense for the default to be a week as well, rather than the past day.
    hey alan. i have not been around the forum in quite awhile...happy to be back. some old favorites are no longer here, to be expected, but a.squire suspended? what is up with that. my world is crumbling :)
    Hello Alan. As I am not registered with SF, would you mind informing the genius that has started a thread complaining about fake EG RLPL chelsea boots made in Italy that the boots in question are women's? Thank You. Regards, jg
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