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  • I have 3 yards of Vicuna, Black and really beautiful, that I am wanting to put on eBay.
    How much is the going rate for such a piece and is this the best way to sell it?
    Thanks in advance.
    Good evening Alexander!

    Given that there's a constant albeit small proportion of new threads which boil down to, "what should I wear at a wedding and where do I get it?" would it make sense to have a separate forum just for wedding matters?

    Best regards

    Hi - I just closed a thread because I couldn't edit it. May I relist the shoes I had for sale at a new price?


    Jim C.
    I respectfully request permission to post an item to the For Sale board. I've been a member for a little while, but I don't post very often. Thanks very much
    Hi Alex. I am still having problems viewing the Trad WAYW thread. The last page is obscured by an attachment (paper clip) icon. When I click on it, a seperate window pops open. Strange...that wasn't there a few days ago.


    A question and a suggestion. The default setting for views on the Sales Forum is one day. Is this something that I can change on a permanent basis? I know you can change it manually to see posts for the past two days, etc. It just seems to me that since you buy time in the Sales Forum by the week, it would make more sense for the default to be a week as well, rather than the past day.
    Hello Alexander,
    I am trying to find the page where members are advertising secondhand shirts, jackets, etc. I have clicked on most things, but cannot find the right page. Can you please help ?
    Best wishes aquarius1937uk
    While I appreciate the invite to the group, jeans and t-shirts aren't really a big interest of mine. I rarely wear t-shirts anymore and jeans are nothing more than my daily casual wear, not something really worth discussing as I see it. I think I have been incorrectly identified as someone who "promotes" denim, when I'm anything but that. I'm retired for the most part and just happen to prefer jeans over chinos for casual wear. That's all. But good luck with the group.

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