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    Anto shirt maker in Beverly Hills

    Matt S: Thought I'd wait until my "neck" size was smaller! :) OR until I see the new James Bond movie!
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    Anto shirt maker in Beverly Hills

    I had the pleasure of visiting the famous Anto shirt maker in Beverly Hills! 258 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 278-4500 Anto Sepetjian opened the business in 1955 and quickly established a reputation for providing the highest quality bespoke shirts...
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    A Return to Formal and Semiformal wear

    I've been know to wear mine to dinner at Denny's! (Makes them try to figure out where I'm going afterwards).
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    Jacket length; Are pleated pants coming back in?

    As I've given my opinion here hundreds of times (same as in the Frequently Asked Questions): Pleats have been fashionable since 1825 and are also practical. They automatically widen at the hips when you sit down giving you more room. Pleats let you put more...
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    So Just What Is "Business Casual"?

    Also review this:
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    White Coats For Doctors

    ElectricSr: Actually, that might have been an Alien Abduction!! 👽
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    White Coats For Doctors

    cdavant: And here is the proof, right on the link from the Home Page!
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    Shirt Questions/Suggestions

    Did you forget about my article linked from the Home Page? How To Choose The Best Color Clothing Based On Hair & Skin Color
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    Harrington Baracuta

    Eddie#49: Destiny!! And Welcome!
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    Tie Color/Pattern for Interview?

    AS676: Welcome! You'll get some outstanding advice here. This article linked from the Home Page may help - What to Wear To A Job Interview + Job Interview Tips
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    Advice for shorts

    Gardening - Maybe? Supermarket or McDonald's - My theory is every time you leave the house is a potential opportunity for success. Say, at the Supermarket or McDonald's you meet a beautiful young lady and you say "Which Olive oil would you recommend?" or an associate that you may have worked...
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    Advice for shorts

    They are dreaded Cargo style and denim. I don't see wearing them out of the house!
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    Carroll Custom is open in Beverly Hills

    Guest-953883: Here is the latest:
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    Strange question: Joseph Goebbels’ necktie pin

    Dhaller: Well -- Ματθαῖος said: Why not Cincinnati? As in Herb Tarlek At WKRP? Matt