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    Gray cotton twill trousers/chinos

    I second the above recommendation for Land's End. I got a pair of these in the dark asphalt heather and they are a very soft material of 100% cotton, although they are darker than what is shown in the picture...
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    Christmas Eve Choices

    Go with the green pants. Those red pants look like you are going to a summer cocktail party at the beach.
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    What’re the best khakis for someone interested in so-called “Ivy style”

    According to the post below by TheUndertaker on the Hertling/Andover Shop thread, the Andover Shop has the best khakis, and they will even make them up for you. I should try this service myself, once the pandemic subsides...
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    Original list price of the 1982 Trad Brooks Brothers Oxford Cloth Shirt?

    Here is a recent article about Brooks: https://slate.com/business/2020/10/brooks-brothers-bankruptcy-covid-decline.html Keep in mind that it was written by a liberal idiot who apparently knows nothing about business.
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    Original list price of the 1982 Trad Brooks Brothers Oxford Cloth Shirt?

    You are welcome. Where else but on Ask Andy are there people with enough curiosity and time on their hands to ponder such a question.
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    Original list price of the 1982 Trad Brooks Brothers Oxford Cloth Shirt?

    $28.50; candy striped versions were $31.00 https://thecarycollection.com/products/brooks-brothers-spring-1982-catalogue
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    What brands do you like for sport shirts?

    I have agree with Eagle as my go to brands for sport shirts are also Brooks Brothers, PRL, Orvis, and O'Connell's. I also like LL Bean as they have a wide variety of quality shirts at reasonable prices. If you are hard to fit and need some tailoring for the off the rack shirts, custom made...
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    Nice jeans. What brands would you recommend?

    Any brand recommendations for jeans in a very soft material? I stopped wearing jeans because they all felt like cardboard.
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    Ben Silver G9 Leather Jacket

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    Brooks Brothers Looking For A Buyer

    That America is not dead because that is basically the business plan of Mercer & Co. ; high quality American made shirts marketed in that exact same price range. Only Mercer goes one step further and allows the customer to adjust the measurements to get a custom fit. So it should be doable...
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    Brooks Brothers Looking For A Buyer

    If they call themselves "Bros", they will need to stock that bra for men that George's father and Kramer invented on Seinfeld.
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    2020 presidential debates

    I don't know how well received this thread will be, or even if it is allowed. Does anyone have any thoughts/comments on the presidential debates for this election year, the first debate being tonight?
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    The end of traditional office clothing, coronavirus impact?

    For a teacher, he looks like crap. If he were on his way to a rodeo, he would be dressed just fine. He needs to put on a white shirt and tie and look like a teacher. As dress standards for teachers have declined over the years, respect for teachers has also declined. One cannot convince me...
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    Allen Edmonds Macneil 2.0

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but I see nothing on their (TLB Mallorca) site where widths other than regular are offered.
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    Brooks Brothers Looking For A Buyer

    These buyers apparently have no idea what they have. They (Del Vecchio included) think it is just another brand patronized by higher income groups that they can use the existing customer base and infrastructure to sell European menswear. The last thing this world needs is another chain...