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    List of custom options for bespoke suit

    Dear Lord, I've had no need or occasion to wear one of my many sport coats or suits since my mother's funeral 10 months ago. It's been deadly dull since then as we shelter in place. But I do recall a few too many years ago I had Ravi do an interior concealed carry pocket in my last couple of...
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    winners-picked Ace Marks Shoes Contest. $600 in Prizes!!

    Plain Toe Blucher Black Antique . No EEE widths?
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    Barbour repair

    I've sent mine to Barbour for rewaxing for a lot less. https://www.barbour.com/us/repair-rewax
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    Lapel pins, and the weird reason I like them

    I wear from time to time a small rosette of the Society of the Cincinnati on a jacket lapel and once or twice a year another member will recognize it and we will have something to talk about. Or at least we would have in groups of a hundred or more like we had in years past pre covid. "Rosette...
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    Lapel pins, and the weird reason I like them

    I once asked a realtor friend why so many of them wore "realtor" lapel pins. "It keeps us from going up to someone we don't know to try to sell them real estate..." was his response.
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    Buttons on Non-Functioning Jacket Sleeves

    Your BBB Blazer may have come with the sleeve buttons included but unattached, to allow the sleeves to be shortened before the buttons were sewn on.
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    Height and Inseam

    Cheer up. We are all shrinking. I couldn't find a quick citation about leg length, but I can look at my trousers and see that as the waist shrinks, the legs get longer. "How much do people shrink as they age? Estimates vary, but on average people lose ¼ to ½ inch every decade after age 40 or...
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    Where can you buy a REAL Moccasin?

    +1 on Russels. Love my boots. Just be prepared to wait 6 months or more for custom made--but they often have a few in stock if you don't need custom.
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    Antiviral Dress Shirt With Viroformula

    The only way this could be protective would be for you to pull it over your head and leave it there. Masks are marginally protective against getting covid 19, a bit better at stopping you from spreading it. Antiviral dress shirts, not so much.
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    Ebay Pre-Owned Shoes Keywords

    Look for NIB--"New in Box." In the good old days Grapevine hill would list dozens of new AEs. A lot depends on your shoe size. I'm an 8.5 EEE+ and there is not much competition for that size. I've picked up half a dozen shell AE and Aldens and probably twenty new or nearly new calf for under...
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    winners-picked Men's Socks Giveaway Contest! 6 Prizes - Enter Here!

    Cheer up. We'll probably all be diabetic soon enough. I'd love to see these in dark drown. As a doc, I'd be happy to have coupons to pass out to patients--particularly if the coupon was part of a booklet on diabetic foot care.
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    What's the point of Dainite soles?

    +1 on YakTracks. Used them on ice this morning. Still not enough experience with the Vibram "Artic Ice" resole NuShoe did on my Alden 403s. I wouldn't trust them walking a mile on real ice, but I hope they will serve for the patches of parking lot ice I seem to have a talent for locating.
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    Do you have a hood for your Barbour?

    I have a hood that came with my Beaufort--but I haven't worn it since before this thread was started.
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    Leaving last cuff button unbuttoned

    As I posted in a similar thread back in August, 2014: "Favorite story. I've had several jackets done by Ravi where the charge for working buttons was all of $15--Thailand used to be cheap. One night at a dinner function a CEO type in a $3000 rig noticed I had working buttonholes while his were...
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    Old Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Legit Check

    When I bought my GC Heli some years ago there were dozens of fakes available on eBay--Expedition knock-offs for $100 were common. You can google several articles on how to spot the fakes. I bought mine from an authorized Canadian dealer during a rare spring sale and took advantage of a 25%...