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    Do NOT buy custom shoes from Magnoli Clothiers

    You should have tried Russell Moccasins. They do custom shoes and boots that always fit well. Just be prepared to wait a few months for delivery.
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    strange shoe size

    I think several of my Alden's are sized like that--forefoot and heel size, maybe the other way around. It's been over a dozen years since I bought anything without a "New Balance" logo on it.
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    White Coats For Doctors Docs in white coats rated more professional
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    The 'Do we still care about white dinner jacket?' thread

    i care if it still fits...
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    Alden Indy boot Neocork sole versus Commando sole

    I see a lot of ice and snow here at 4000'. I had my Alden 403s resoled by Nushoe with Vibram "Artic ice" (now Artic Grip) soles. They look commando and do seem to slip less. They are comfortable enough, particularly in conditions where the comfort of your rear end is a consideration.
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    Charleston Khaki by Berle vs Khakis Branded "Berle"

    Berle has a special place in my heart as well as my closet. Take a look at their website and you'll find they offer most pants in short, regular and long rise and the sneaky "self-sizer" waist is available to help deal with the inevitable shrinkage of the waist most of us will deal with as time...
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    Expensive-ish Underwear

    Ah, Ferlinghetti had his say. Just died at 101 Lawrence Ferlinghetti. A Poet's Ode to Underwear - Artvilla
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    Sewing shut the patch pockets on a new sport coat?

    Easy to see who the lawyers are. One of the first lessons in law school is "Never put your hands in your own pockets..."
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    List of custom options for bespoke suit

    Dear Lord, I've had no need or occasion to wear one of my many sport coats or suits since my mother's funeral 10 months ago. It's been deadly dull since then as we shelter in place. But I do recall a few too many years ago I had Ravi do an interior concealed carry pocket in my last couple of...
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    winners-picked Ace Marks Shoes Contest. $600 in Prizes!!

    Plain Toe Blucher Black Antique . No EEE widths?
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    Barbour repair

    I've sent mine to Barbour for rewaxing for a lot less.
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    Lapel pins, and the weird reason I like them

    I wear from time to time a small rosette of the Society of the Cincinnati on a jacket lapel and once or twice a year another member will recognize it and we will have something to talk about. Or at least we would have in groups of a hundred or more like we had in years past pre covid. "Rosette...
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    Lapel pins, and the weird reason I like them

    I once asked a realtor friend why so many of them wore "realtor" lapel pins. "It keeps us from going up to someone we don't know to try to sell them real estate..." was his response.
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    Buttons on Non-Functioning Jacket Sleeves

    Your BBB Blazer may have come with the sleeve buttons included but unattached, to allow the sleeves to be shortened before the buttons were sewn on.