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    What Watch are you wearing today? Show us your Wrist Watch!

    Just treated myself to a speedy pro. Doesn't get much more trad (for a chronograph anyway) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    40% off single item at BB

    They do--bought one there just a few weeks ago. I had to ask a sales rep though as they didn't have any slim fits on the shelves.
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    I want a new 3/2 sack suit who still has them?

    O'Connells. House 3/2 rolls start at $600 and they carry Southwick too. Amazing service, highly recommended.
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    J. Press Alteration Charge

    I've found that things like hemming are typically free, but more time-consuming work like the waist and seat are not. That being said, $10 is pretty cheap for that kind of work.
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    What Kind Of Jacket To Wear To Walk Around Within School Building?

    +1 on the cardigans. Try something thick with a shawl collar. If not, perhaps a Baracuta jacket?
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    Other than work, weddings, funerals, dinner and concerts, where do you wear your suits?

    Anywhere that I feel I need to be taken seriously, without it looking a little ridiculous. i.e. I wore one to the bank when I applied for my first mortgage.
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    Cavalry twill or whipcord trousers, what color?

    I like olive and navy too, but my current favourite pair is dark brown
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    Life's minor luxuries

    A great cup of coffee, 15+yo scotch, a fire on a cold night, and a medium-rare porterhouse. Oh, and a third on the new socks everyday.
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    DISCOUNT COUPON: Augustus Brine's "TEN DAYS OF DEALS" October Sale Event for ASK ANDY Members: sale

    Gotta give a shoutout to Augustus Brine, had a great experience with them not long ago, and there's great deals to be had on their site.
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    What are You Drinking Today?

    Dewar's with a little soda
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    I need a TRUE "slim-fit" dress shirt! Help!

    +1 highly recommended.
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    PSA: Just spotted Hyde Park Blue University Stripe OCBD

    +1 another thanks to the OP, I've been looking for a reason to try out these LE OCBDs, the 40% off is just icing on the cake.
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    womens-fashion Where does one get "nice" clothes for a 21-yr old woman?

    I second the Anthropologie vote. The GF absolutely loves this place.
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    What are You Drinking Today?

    Evan Williams on the rocks.
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    BB 1818 3r2 Sack Blazer Question

    +1 I've had nothing but great experiences there. As a proud owner of one of their house 3/2 blazers, I'd definitely recommend moving your business there. Great blazer and better service.