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    Sweater Color over Burgundy Tie/Grey Pants?

    Black would work, but the OP said he doesn’t wear black.
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    Sweater Color over Burgundy Tie/Grey Pants?

    I like Flanderian’s recommendation to wear a sleeveless Fair Isle sweater. Still, if you’re determined to wear a crewneck sweater, consider the oatmeal color that he suggested, or light pink. Oatmeal is safe because it complements almost everything. But then you run the risk of boring...
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    No-break suit pants for my wedding

    Yes…and that’s the problem with non-bespoke clothing that is much too slim—it’s unforgiving. Because they don’t have enough drape, flow, and ease, shrink-wrapped garments cannot obscure idiosyncratic posture (which we all have to some extent). I agree that the current length of the OP’s...
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    Help identify a tie maker with an "H" logo

    I can’t help you with the “H” logo. I just want to say that you have good taste in neckties.
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    We Haven't Talked About Blue Blazers in a While

    No discussion of [navy] blue blazers would be complete without a link to Matt Spaiser’s excellent article concerning Roger Moore’s love of that versatile garment, both on- and off-screen: In another article I read a few years ago (which...
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    The Chambray Shirt by G. Bruce Boyer

    Around 5 or 6 years ago I was in a J. Crew store and saw a rack of classic chambray shirts, each with a throat latch—something that is rarely found on ready-made chambray shirts. I really wanted one, but the price—$98.00–was a dealbreaker for me. Shortly afterwards, I was browsing in the...
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    ^ That did cross my mind. I decided to put my judgment in abeyance pending more data. ^ Yep.
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    You might be right. I’m not sure any more….My ability to read tea leaves is a bit rusty.
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    No, the photo shows an extremely poor example of cuffing. There’s nothing wrong the amount of socks that is visible. The problem is that you (or whoever it is in the picture) rolled up the cuffs and somehow cinched them tight. As a result, the circumference of each cuff is much smaller than...
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    Advice on Chicago Bespoke Suiting

    That’s an ironic thing for a tailor to say. I don’t blame you for applying “the brakes;” I’d run away from any man—tailor or otherwise—who offered to give me “the full monty.”
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    Upgrading blazer buttons?

    Good choice. Those are fine-looking buttons. The Benson and Clegg website page for those buttons states plain as day that for a single-breasted jacket, the set contains three “large” and eight “small” buttons. So relax. You’re safe.
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    Can I wear a "designer" patterned pocket square with a tuxedo?

    Don’t push the envelope. A lot of photographs will be taken of you. Years from now, you don’t want to be yet another husband who, while strolling down memory lane, blurts out, “What was I thinking?!” (Actually, it wouldn’t be that big a deal to wear the pocket square to which you linked...
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    Time for a more recent trouser thread.

    Don’t listen to what other people tell you. Except for me. If you want to try side-tab trousers, try side-tab trousers.
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    Church Presentation event dress

    fishertw, the outfit you described will be fine. So would the navy suit/white shirt/conservative tie ensemble that vonSuess suggested. A little hint: Since we’re on the subject of church attire, let’s bring God into the discussion. God invented navy blazers for the express purpose of sparing...
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    Anyone have any examples of tattersall shirts & necktie pairings?