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    Ask Andy on Instagram!

    The website url watermark on every pic is a bit much.
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    A visit to Brooks Brothers in DC

    I didn't realize that the 132Q and 133Q were still available. Excellent news. I still have two unopened from when I thought they were dinosaurs. The crazy thing about these shirts is how hard it is to wear one out.
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    Walkover Shoes quality?

    I purchased several pairs a few years ago on Guilt. They were well made stylish shoes. However, the heel cup came straight up. Without a curve to conform to your heel they were unwearable. I thrifted them. Perhaps they have remedied the issue by now.
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    BB polo price increase?

    Horses for courses I say. The notion that one might have an "allegiance" to a certain business is nonsense. BB does some things well, others not. There really is no other viable alternative to their OCBD's. Their 1818 suits fit me like a glove, and they have a reasonably natural shoulder...
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    BB Double Corporate Discount Disappointment

    Last fall I lost a fair amount of weight and needed to re-stock a number of staples, shirts, pants, shorts, etc. I sat down with my sales rep and we plotted our strategy. For some items it made sense to buy during the corporate event and others it made sense to buy during F&F, where the...
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    suggest inexpensive preppy style everyday watch

    I'm a fan of Seiko watches, either the Seiko 5, or their quartz movements. And I like Diver style watches with the large movable bezel. I have purchased several on Amazon, all with good results. It takes a while to sort through all they have to offer but worth it in the end I think. The key...
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    Brooks Brothers PSA

    A special edition run with a flap pocket would be fun. Never happen, but a boy can dream can't he?
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    Brooks Brothers PSA

    Great review. It's good to hear what others are thinking. I imagine there was a fair amount of debate over whether or not to include a pocket. In the end, I guess they decided to stay true the original rather than go for the perfect shirt. In the category of things to be thankful for...
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    Brooks Brothers PSA

    Stopped by the store on Friday to take a closer look at the unlined shirts, ME02352/3 ME02336/7. I was surprised that the Acqua striped shirt has an ecru or off-white background. Strange choice - to me it just looks dingy. One thing I don't understand is why they didn't make a pink-stripe-...
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    Brooks Brothers PSA

    I apologize for replying to my own post. But I thought it was worth sharing that I decided to order a few of the new shirts in colors I don't already have. Guess what- sold out! The only shirts they had in my size were white, blue and blue stripe? Maybe instead of stocking up on the 132q/133q...
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    Brooks Brothers PSA

    With the everyday value of 25% off for 4 or more and the FF 25% reduction, they come in at $78.75 per- still considerably more then I like to pay for a shirt, but far cry from $140. And of course, you have to buy 4 at once. I do wish they had a pocket as well.
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    Brooks Brothers PSA

    Excellent point. Time to take stock of what's in the closet. I am wondering whether or not to indulge myself with a few of the new unlined shirts, esp. in one or more of the new colors. My current rotation, blue, pink, blue stripe, and white does get a tad monotonous. Is there a consensus on...
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    Brooks Brothers PSA

    Thanks! These are had to find using the standard BB's search tool. I realize this has likely been the source of a good deal of discussion, but does anyone have a good grasp of the future of these shirts given the arrival of the unlined versions. I really thought the 132q/133q had been...
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    Brooks Brothers PSA

    Would someone be kind enough to post a link? I am not exactly sure what the 132q/133q OCBD designation refers too. I'm afraid I am a little out of sorts with the transition to the newer OCBD's. I would appreciate any guidance. Thanks
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    Cocktail Attire?

    Echoing Ensiferous resposne, its all about context. What part of the country are you in? Who will be there? How many funds are going to raised. Where is it being held? What was the invite like. Will there be an open bar? Passed food, a buffet? Or some Joe standing by a grill. What did...