1. cmacey

    NY Times: What does proper office attire mean in 2016

    And now I'm sad...although I concern myself with the concept of "competence", the need to look the part of a "competent leader" is a corollary concern. I guess it is the way I was brought up that colors my thinking...
  2. cmacey

    Are you going to the gym, or do you just dress that way ?

    +1; if I need to pop across the street after a workout, or on a day off at home, PT gear it is...for all other occasions, normal street wear, for me.
  3. cmacey

    Khakis, Which are the best ones?

    O'Connells or Bills Khakis for me. I have several of both but find the Bills in M2 fit is better. Had some BBs for a while but found them to lack "endurane" - frayed at the bottom of the legs after a couple months. Since I came to hate ironing and I don't like "non-iron" material (a personal...
  4. cmacey

    Men rings - How to choose? What do you wear?

    +1...college ring or wedding band, for me.
  5. cmacey

    Wanted: affordable wool pants for work

    Take a look at these web sites. Some are pricier than others...O'Connell's and Orvis include tailoring. https://www.jpressonline.com/dress-1/ - running a "promotional" sale right now https://www.bensilver.com/Trousers.html https://www.orvis.com/mens-pants...
  6. cmacey

    Black Chukkas

    Have a look here: https://www.pediwear.co.uk/footwear/chukka-boot/. There are one or two options available...
  7. cmacey

    sport coat and crew neck

    Personally,I would think a turtleneck would look better, but that is just me.
  8. cmacey

    Wearing a polo under a 1/4 zip sweater?

    I wear this combination for outdoor activities (beach, golf, etc.) during the fall and spring. As I only have a couple polo shirts [for these activities] - long sleeves otherwise, I do not normally wear this combination. Personally, I cannot find a reason this combination would be frowned on...
  9. cmacey

    online shirt maker - basic spec mtm

    Contact Proper Cloth -- https://propercloth.com/; they carry the maker, and may carry the specific line...for the particulars relating to your desired fit, take a look at this link --> https://propercloth.com/custom-dress-shirts/
  10. cmacey

    Rounding out a Basic Wardrobe

    There are a lot of quality recommendations here. A suggestion to save you some cash, help you further tease out any holes in your wardrobe, and provide you the opportunity to seize on some of the suggestions: WORK: Winter • COATS: • SCARVES: • HATS: • GLOVES: • SUITS: •...
  11. cmacey

    Southerners and the Tan Loafer

    Having grown up in Montgomery, AL, I wore and can only remember my friends wearing black or oxblood colored pennies; having said this, I was not the most observant back then - girls and sports, you understand...could have been a lot of people wearing tan...these days, I have a pair of tan in my...
  12. cmacey

    Pima cotton sweater dressy?

    For me, cotton is not a winter-worthy material - the old adage cotton kills applies; but, to each his own. My two cents.
  13. cmacey

    Trad Pens: Parker or Sheaffer or ???

    Color me crazy.
  14. cmacey

    iPad/Tablet Cases?

    DODOcase -- https://www.dodocase.com. From $59.95 to $89.95...
  15. cmacey

    I Like Green!

    You'll be paying a lot more than that for an "embarrassing" moment...anyway, it's all relative; shopping around nets the best results, case in point: this option (wool cords) from O'Connell's [for $265] --> https://www.oconnellsclothing.com/product.php?productid=19327&cat=954&page=1 as compared...