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  • Hello Cruiser,

    I've been gone quite a while - My son is now 9Mo! - so I don't know if you still visit here or will even get this but...
    I'm afraid I was unclear and you misunderstood me. My original post was in reference to exactly what your saying - your comments are a refreshing breath for fresh air and voice of sanity when things get a little too pretentious and "there is only one true path" around here. Your acceptance of things outside what the echo chamber here wants to "bless" is one of the things that I always valued most about your posts.

    I'm quite disturbed to hear that you were ever blocked from posting - I have found your view point most useful.

    Hope things are still going well for you :)

    I must have missed something. So what's happened to you? A couple years ago you withstood a torrent of unjustified criticism from a bunch no loner here and you didn't blink. It can't be worse than that. Return please.
    Don't know what happened, but I'm sorry you're gone! The place won't be the same, and that's for the worse.
    Kurt N
    I've enjoyed your posts for a while, but your comments on the "I hate everyone's clothes, except the ones I like, so I want to be different in exactly the same fashion as you guys" thread were priceless! Way to point out that even in the AAFF the emperors are wearing no clothes ;)
    David, I'm not in Knoxville. I'm over 200 miles away and have only visited there to attend UT football games. I'm not familiar with any of the local alterations folks. Sorry.
    Hi Cruiser, I've noticed you too are in Knoxville and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for alterations in the West Knox area. I took my tuxedo to MS Mclellans and they did a fantastic job but I don't want to pay their prices for the new suit I just ordered. I will have to have the pants hemmed and the sleeves let out more than likely and the jacket taken in at the waist, if that helps you any. Thanks for the help.
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