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    New J Press website online

    Infuriating to me that JP no longer carries covert cloth topcoats nor Maghee tweeds. Both items were in stock for years and years with the sport coats in a variety of stripes. And then they were not. I also note that their coats are shown as a quarter to a half inch too short.
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    Abercrombie...the old days

    I frequented A&F in Chicago and NY in the 60s and 70s. In those days their shop on Madison sold guns and bamboo fly rods along with safari clothes. They had a casting pool on the roof to test rods. I spent many happy hours in that shop and on that roof when I should otherwise have been...
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    Rubber sole on a bit loafer

    I have traditional Gucci loafers, circa 1975, AE imitations with thin soles, some 15 year old Cole Haans and the subject AE lug soles. All in an informal rotation. BTW I had the brown Cole Hanns resoled with lug soles and they are very comfortable and I like the look. Ditto the black AEs. If...
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    Tie Etiquette

    I rarely leave the house without a tie and often put on a tie and never leave the house at all. What was once a given business requirement has become for me a matter of irritating the masses, perplexing my partners, inviting sneering looks and otherwise bothering the majority who appear dressed...
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    Anyone own a Lock & Co flat cap?

    ThomGault; Sorry for the delay. Lock flat caps are not puffy. Flat. As to pattern the protocol in the UK is to ignore what "goes" with what. Get two and go from there.
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    Anyone own a Lock & Co flat cap?

    Gill is the traditional Lock flat cap. The Oslo has ear flaps which you might or might not want. I have several of the Gill model going back several decades. Cant go wrong w/ Lock
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    Components of the Trad office

    Humidor. Mahogany partner's desk. leather side chairs (2). giant two spool Rolodex with the dead residing with the living. Three screen computer setup. Aeron chair. Mug filled with working and expensive fountain pens. Smythson A4 paper. Dempsey & Carrol business cards. Mug filled with #1...
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    J Press poor selection for Fall 2016

    this started a long time ago. I walked in to replace a covert cloth coat about twelve years ago and found they no longer carried them: !! After getting a new one every twenty years whether I needed it or not and suddenly they were gone. Gone. Ditto the Magee tweeds which were always, always...
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    New flannel sack suit

    H Freeman via LS and Izzy is the way to go. Diehards could get the cloth from Holland and Sherry and have it made up in Douglas by Southwick. Either way, Izzy.
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    Brooks Brothers 346

    Up to the early 80s or late 70s Brooks sold 346 OCBD shirts at a lower price point than their Brooks label. Their blue OCBD was superior in many ways to the more pricey one. All 346 were of a thinner fabric, all with pockets. Outgrew my last ones several decades ago. Alas.
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    Lo those decades ago, the 1980s, I enjoyed Dunhills and Partagas right there in my office. All day long. And nobody said a word about it. Sea change since then, of course. I had a locker for a bit in the Dunhill store in Union Square. Now only an occasional Montecristo #2. I prefer the DR...
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    New made in USA OCBD shirts from Brooks Brothers released

    They must be getting near the end of their stock on these older, better, OCBDs. At $79.5 I think I will order a half dozen in white which should last me until they bring them back after the American Icon versions fail. I haven't tried one of the new ones because they don't come in traditional...
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    The English Country Shoe

    I would go with one of Trickers' offerings.
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    New made in USA OCBD shirts from Brooks Brothers released

    I would look carefully at the pictures of ads posted by Ensiferous. It would be a coldish day in hell before a trad dresser would wear sans-a-belt trousers.
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    New made in USA OCBD shirts from Brooks Brothers released

    Looking at BB's website and the specific page showcasing this reprise of their "classic" OCBD I am impressed with how ridiculous the models look. The shirts appear to be a size or two too small and I am certain they will never button those collars. So it appears they have raised the price...