1. dba

    Airline Prices

    That's what we did. We ended up going through the cruise line as they have some reduced rates. They'll also get us there in case the airlines pull some shenanigans. We have 24 hours to check if the price goes down, and if it does, we'll get a refund for the difference. I did try the...
  2. dba

    Airline Prices

    My wife and I are going on a cruise leaving from Civitavecchia (Rome) in October. I’ve been keeping an eye on flights from my home airport (RNO) to Rome (FCO). A couple of days ago the least expensive flight was about $875 RT. The next day, coach fares were $775 RT each. Good deal!! I talked...
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    Sick of political Correctness!

    Notice: All subversive or offensive content is in plain English. No endorsement or condemnation of any persons, products, places, pets or politics, living or dead, factual or fictional, shall be implied or inferred herein by person(s) or their agents(s). If you have to get your fun by threats...
  4. dba

    Size Question

    Saw a Lauren by Ralph Lauren suit in a store recently and there was a size 48 as well as a 48XL? The sales staff were busy with other customers so I didn't have the opportunity to ask what the difference is. Any thoughts?
  5. dba

    Events in Missouri

  6. dba

    Share your favorite movie quotes

    US Marshal to Wyatt Earp: “I never met a rich man without a guilty conscience.” Earp: “I already have a guilty conscience. Might as well have the money too.” From “Tombstone”
  7. dba

    What did you wear to YOUR wedding?

    We eloped while on an Alaskan cruise. Although luggage space was at a premium, I managed to pack a black/white birdseye suit with a white Lewin shirt and black/white Lewin tie. View from the porch Skater's Cabin overlooking Mendenhall Glacier where we got married. It was a perfect day.
  8. dba

    Mourning the continuing loss of negatives

    Not to mention "there", "their" and "they're". Or should it be, "I couldn't care less"? :eek2: Sometimes I find it all expressed best by Yul Brynner in 'The King and I', "Is a puzzlement!"
  9. dba

    Where do I get a nice peacoat?

    Here's another alternative: https://www.uswings.com/peacoat.asp
  10. dba

    Can mass-produced clothes look classy?

    ^^^^^ Exactly. I think it's mostly the person wearing the clothes that make them classy, not the clothing items in and of themselves.
  11. dba

    Why <Insert State, Province, or Country> Drivers Are the Worst!

    I can say that in my 20+ years as a police officer, I never stopped a car bearing Oregon plates WITHOUT taking enforcement action. Not ever! They are the worse I've ever seen, it's almost as if they tossed out their common sense once they crossed the border with California.
  12. dba

    Porpoise-skin boots

    and that would be?
  13. dba

    JAB vs. " I Guarantee it!"

    I haven't been to a Lord and Taylor store in a long time but when I do walk into a Macy's the majority of the suits in stock are the newer style, slim fit, short jacket with low rise, flat front slacks. They also rarely have my size which is currently 50 but I'm making my way back to a 46. I...
  14. dba

    JAB vs. " I Guarantee it!"

    One afternoon, I stopped by my local JAB and saw a nice black/white check suit. There wasn't a big sale going on so I didn't buy it. The next day, I see the same suit on the website at a hugely reduced price. So I order it at the reduced price, it arrives the next day and the return address on...
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