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  • Chuck,

    This afternoon, I got caught in a sudden downpour wearing my suit. I’ve had it hanging up on a cedar hanger since. Will it dry and go back to normal, or will I need to take it to the dry cleaner to have it cleaned or should a tailor be able to simply press everything out and return it to normal? There is some discoloration around the shoulder/chest. Thanks.
    Ryan850: The 40th Anniversary loafers are the only experience I've had with SAS shoes, but they seem to fit true to size. I normally wear a size 9.5D and I went with that size in the SAS loafers ...the fit was perfect. They are indeed one of the lightest and most comfortable pairs of shoes in my collection. My recommendation is to buy your normal size. Good luck and may you long wear and enjoy those loafers! :thumbs-up:
    Hey eagle,

    I saw your post on the SAS pennys and I'm leaning toward getting a pair but I'd have to order them online.

    How is the fitment compared to AE?

    I usually wear a 10D for their park Avenue/strand shoes.

    My foot is narrow so I was thinking I would get the SAS in narrow.

    What are your thoughts on sizing? Thanks!!
    Not to resurrect a dead thread, but thanks for the input on loafers and shoe trees. Sometimes I think I need to tattoo the phrase "quit obsessing" on my forearm :D
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