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    Clothing Illustrations From or Inspired by the 20s to the 60s

    An illustrated big city version of the fictional Mike Brady, perchance? ;)
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    The Breakfast Thread

    A modest, but tasty breakfast, for sure! That miniature stack of pancakes sure looks tempting. ;)
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    Red Meat . . . .

    Throw in a baked potato and a nice garden salad and you have a meal fit for a king! ;)
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    More from Ralph

    I very much like the clothes, but the way they are being worn...not so much! ;)
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    It's TWEED Season!

    As I see more shots of those turned back cuffs, I seem to be acquiring an increasing attraction to them. Might have to go shopping in the not too distant future. ;)
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    The Travel Should be Like This Thread

    The above reminds me of a piece of Robert Kinkade art hanging from our gathering room wall. Very comforting to get lost in his work and allow one's mind to wander. ;)
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    The All Things Pasta Thread

    Looking at the above, I am convinced, 'pasta must be a super food!' LOL. ;)
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    the adoring grandpa thread--even if you have to borrow.

    Young Love! Pat Boone, where are you? ;)
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    The Vintage Motor Thread

    I have always wanted a VW Micro-bus camper! Someday, perhaps? ;)
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    Art Deco!

    The Greek God is playing with his toy tank truck? Prophetic, perhaps. ;)
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    The Three-piece Suit Thread

    I think the right lapel of the suit coat is making an 'Oh-so-brief' appearance from beneath that overcoat. ;)
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    Shearling Motorcycle Jacket (or something similar)?

    My rides were Harley Davidson(s) and my riding leathers came from the Harley Davidson shops. Based on experience I will tell you those jackets provided great protection from road rash, but none of them were shearling lined, but rather ballistic nylon quilted lining. ;)
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    It's TWEED Season!

    I love the bi-swing shoulders and the dual vents on the jacket in the first photo. ;)
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    Stews, Curries, Gumbos and Deep-Fries Thead

    ^^ Great idea for a new thread. Clearly dieting is not the answer to my waist problem, but rather more generously sized clothing should do the trick! LOL. ;)
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    The All Things Pasta Thread

    For our Sunday family dinner last evening we enjoyed pasta with white clam sauce, grilled chops and a fresh garden salad. For those so inclined, there was homemade apple sauce to complement their chops. ;)