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    Bates & Co Fedora Hat Black Size 7 1/4 (US)

    Genuine Bates & Co fur felt Black Fedora Purchase in London from Bates & Co on Jermyn St circa 2009. I can't recall the model as I've lost the receipt. Crown height is 4" and brim is 2.25" I've only worn it a few times and it's spent most of it's time sitting in a closest. Size: 58 cm US...
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    Another Question about peacoat

    I'd like to chime in as another fan of the peacoats at www.sterlingwear.com I ordered one a few weeks ago and the fit is perfect. It's not easy getting short cuts for someone like myself. I got the grey and I get a lot of compliments. Well the peacoat does anyway! Well worth the cost.
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    In a quandary: Need suggestions for wedding atire.

    I'm not a fan of solid brown either. I'll be looking for something with a pattern or some sort of texture. I did the sums and I think I'll have to go with one suit this time around so I'll go with the grey POW.
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    In a quandary: Need suggestions for wedding atire.

    I'e seen people wearing a brown suit at weddings before. It was a very nice suit so it didn't really seem out of place. I do prefer a light grey myself as I've been meaning to get one for some time. I'll likely go with the grey this time around and get a brown next year when my budget...
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    In a quandary: Need suggestions for wedding atire.

    Hi Michael I'm one step ahead...I called to make sure I could make the mid August deadline. I'd have to get the ball rolling in April otherwise I'd be cutting it very short. Eddie
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    In a quandary: Need suggestions for wedding atire.

    There's no morning dress requirement for the wedding. It will be held on one of those old used to be rich but they aren't type of estates just outside of London. I lived there for 16 years up until Oct 2010 so I do have some idea as to what tradition there dictates but this isn't going to be a...
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    In a quandary: Need suggestions for wedding atire.

    Hi All I'll be attending a wedding in London this August. I've actually been planning on getting a suit made this year and I thought it would be the perfect event to wear the suit to. My plan is to get a grey and or brown suit. For the grey I'm siding with a prince of wales pattern but the...
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    Suits wearing out in the crotch

    Actually thinking about my bespoke suit did not suffer from this at all. Even though one could argue I did not wear it as much as my OTR trousers even signs of wear were non-existent. The tailor and I definitely discussed this issue during the first fitting.
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    most distasteful wardrobe trends you witness daily ?

    I think I am going to regret asking this but what are "dad-jeans"? If that's the reason it's tolerated then I fear more for women then I do for the men who dress the way they do!! I don't think that's the real reason though. I would think that most self respecting women would rather have a...
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    Suits wearing out in the crotch

    I was speaking to someone about this same issue and the big problem isn't just the rubbing it's the combination of moisture and rubbing. I once had an extra bit of cloth, actually I think it was something like satin, sewn on the inside. I'd compare the fabric to lining inside the trousers...
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    most distasteful wardrobe trends you witness daily ?

    Oh this is my ultimate pet peeve (after the term "pet peeve" :)). I see it all the time and think to myself "Why?". Sometimes the men will make a little more effort and wear jeans that have been made to look worn in and a t-shirt with suitable logo but the result is still the same; their...
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    London tailors

    Hi Joe Decent price and Saville Row are not two things that go well together. That's not meant as a disparaging remark towards Saville Row as the quality of the product is without question but it will be more expensive. But there are tailors in London not on the Row that are also excellent at...
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    Is it counterproductive for a man to look well presented?

    Every time my female friends see me in one of my nice suits all I get is nice compliments so I'm sticking with the theory that women fancy men that are well dressed over those wearing jogging trousers or sweat shirts. At least the ones I want to attract. :)
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    Where can I find this shirt?

    I can't say for certain but the style of shirt reminds me of Duchamp shirts. I'd have a look at those.
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    In Praise of Charles Tyrwhitt

    You are correct. They are essentially increasing the prices for Non-UK buyers. I recently purchased some linen shirts from CT and the invoices DO NOT make any mention of VAT. If they did then I'd have them bang to rights. When I called them they told me that the price I was charged was the...