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    Da Well Turn-Out Mobster Thread

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    Da Well Turn-Out Mobster Thread

    Sam Giancana and Phyliss McGuire
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    Clothing Illustrations From or Inspired by the 20s to the 60s

    OH MY, my mind may have gone there if there were two ladies and one man!
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    Oxford cloth is hot & bulky

    I don't believe I've ever owned an oxford cloth dress shirt. I tend to go with pinpoint, end on end, royal oxford or broadcloth and always with a button down collar.
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    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    Went to a funeral yesterday. My wife took a rather hastily composed shot. Suit: Undarted 3 / 2 roll by English American Tailors Shirt: Mercer and Sons 140's Broadcloth Tie: Ravazzolo Shoes: AE Jefferson Dogs: Coco the Chocolate lab and Chance
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    That is going back a long way. I haven't even thought of having a Monte Cristo since the 70's. I do admit, they are mighty tasty.
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    With Autumn in the Offing . . .

    The Lucas Chelf label goes back to the founding of the store way back in the 1950's. The store was founded by three Buffalo Bills payers; O'Connell, Lucas and Chelf. I have no idea what their first names were. Bernard Huber, father of John and Ethan, was the manager of the store.
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    Clothing Illustrations From or Inspired by the 20s to the 60s

    I wonder what’s on her mind!
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    It's TWEED Season!

    Might be crows foot
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    We Haven't Talked About Blue Blazers in a While

    I've toyed with the idea of Ben Silver buttons with a fly fishing theme but could not justify the expense. Both my undergraduate and graduate degrees are from State schools that no button maker has heard of.
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    We Haven't Talked About Blue Blazers in a While

    I'm at three, two for winter and one for summer. For winter, a camel hair with horn buttons from English American Tailors and a flannel with pewter buttons from Southwick and for summer a tropical wool with brass buttons from Brooks Brothers.
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    Advice on Chicago Bespoke Suiting

    Have you actually seen the try on garment? It seems to me there may be a terminology issue. A try on jacket is often used by a MTM store and is basically a standard size jacket used to get a general idea of the clients size, it's never a basted jacket. It would not make sense to do a basted...
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    Doctor, Doctor, Mr. M.D.!

    Either way, when you consider the prep, it’s a pretty crappy experience!
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    Doctor, Doctor, Mr. M.D.!

    Much better than the three to five year plan!
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    Everything Dessert Related

    Given the slices of lime in the picture, my money is on Key Lime Pie.