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    A question about white socks. Yes, white socks.

    Those who say buying white socks off the hood of a pick up truck in a strip mall parking lot get it right.! (usually in bundles of 6 or 12 pair for around $15.
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    Whither Brooks Brothers?

    While not Brooks Brothers( there was not one in Charlotte when I grew up) Tate Brown and Mr Bill Cashion and I had a similar relationship. He was also the brother of a neighbor and really looked after me. I think he had been with Tate Brown for about 30 years when I turned 16 and stayed on at...
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    Sweater Color over Burgundy Tie/Grey Pants?

    When I wear a sweater with a jacket, it is almost always a sleeveless one. A Black v neck in a fine wool would work well.
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    A question about white socks. Yes, white socks.

    And to see some folks walking down the street with some of these "athleisure" Luluemon things it reminds me of two bear cubs fighting in an old flour sack.
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    Pant leg width.

    That's exactly what I was thinking. My inclination is for these to go to Goodwill and find another pair. I bought these online directly from Berle with the expectation that they would be the same cut as the Prince of Wales pair that I had previously bought since both are listed in their...
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    the adoring grandpa thread--even if you have to borrow.

    Grandson Will, an AAU diving champion
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    Pant leg width.

    I was just trying on fall and winter pants before the weather turns colder and realized that a pair of Berle flannel trousers have an exceptionally wide leg opening (10.25"). In comparison to another Berle POW flannel the opening at the cuff is nearly an inch wider and just feels odd. Can anyone...
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    No-break suit pants for my wedding

    or cutting off blood flow.
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    Allen Edmonds change

    Over the past year I purchased two pair of Allen Edmonds pennny style loafers. Both pair have removable insoles and were part of a line of shoes which are lighter in weight and accomodate orthotics easily. This fall, nowhere on their site are dress shoes of this type available. They do seem to...
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    Light weight, smoother fabric chinos with 98% cotton/2% stretch?

    I agree with the BB Clarke's advantage.
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    Do NOT buy custom shoes from Magnoli Clothiers

    Unless you have orthotics. Russell will not make shoes which accomodate full foot orthotics. I tried getting them to understand and allow for full orthotics a couple of years ago in a custom shoe. That did not work out well and they have since put a disclaimer on their website to that effect. I...
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    With Autumn in the Offing . . .

    You might try Hunter and Coggins. I have an olive corduroy that I bought from Jim Hunter several years ago and it is quite nice. Not a 3/2 but it does have leather elbow patches and is a great casual jacket that I wear 3 seasons. I think it also comes in tan.
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    Can BR Save Itself?

    I keep seeing "wannabe" but nothing real.
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    We Haven't Talked About Blue Blazers in a While

    My seersucker went into the off season closet on Friday. At least I got some exercise going up the stairs to the off season closet.
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    We Haven't Talked About Blue Blazers in a While

    My three include a Press 3/2 flannel, a BB 3/2 Worsted and an Orvis 3/2 hopsack travel blazer that has been in overhead compartments on several continents. It is a workhorse for travel. Unfortunately, for the past two years it has hung unloved in the closet.