1. Flanderian

    UK penny loafer options

    I'm attempting to post this as a guest, because despite AAAC's best efforts, I still can't long on normally. But sadly, I must report I'm still me. The Howard loafer is built on Cheaney's 5203 last. Cheaney characterizes this last as intended specifically for loafers and as a more generous...
  2. Flanderian

    Blast From the Past: Michael Anton author of The Suit

    Who remembers? https://www.neh.gov/humanities/2008/marchapril/feature/the-dandy
  3. Flanderian

    Do These Jacket & Pants Match?

    Ow! My leg! 😢
  4. Flanderian

    Autumn Boots help needed

  5. Flanderian

    Geezer Power!

  6. Flanderian

    Potential job interview

    Wear your best traditional (I.e., old fashioned.) dark suit, or jacket, a pressed white BD and a simple, good quality dark silk tie without a PS. When you do it in person, wear another, but similar, tie. Relax, be yourself, and let them know you've done it all before. Good luck! :pirate:
  7. Flanderian

    Covid-19--Exposes our Health Care System’s Weaknesses.

    The IHME has updated their projections for Covid-19 from a few weeks ago. They have now extended the projection to December 1st. And rather than in the last projection which projected a quarter million dead by Christmas, it now projects a quarter million dead before Thanksgiving, with almost...
  8. Flanderian

    What's going on with the site?

    Site logged out on site previously logged in, when I attempted to log back in, I got the screen below -
  9. Flanderian

    What's going on with the site?

    OK, now back on Fashion Forum after clicking a thread, it shows me not logged in again.
  10. Flanderian

    What's going on with the site?

    Still same session, screen capture below on Fashion forum now shows I am logged in there, though I've performed no additional log in functions. Tried deleting cookies as suggested via Ctrl-F5. Seemed to make no difference. Will deleting cookies affect any other applications?
  11. Flanderian

    What's going on with the site?

    During same session, site show me logged in on The Interchange Forum, but not logged in Fashion forum.
  12. Flanderian

    It's TWEED Season!

    I'm back! :happy: Unsure how long I'll remain logged in for, so will cut to the chase. If you do the style depicted, I'd skip a breast pocket, and definitely skip two! :eek: Quibbles: That's a wrap coat, I think I prefer a conventional buckle, and the belt is to long/big anyway. Do two...
  13. Flanderian

    Logged into an account of a different user?

    I'm afraid they'll somehow steal my shoes! :eek: 😭 😭 😭