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    "Holiday" Card Question

    A reasonable answer is to send Christmas cards to other people whom one knows to be Christian. To use a holiday merely to 'network' is awfully vulgar. If one has non-christian friends, send them a winter solstice card or just (gasp!) take the time to write them a friendly letter. PS - like your...
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    HOAs: Good, Bad, or Indifferent

    House-owner agreements. Using 'home' as a synonym for 'house' is more middle-class bastardisation of the language.
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    Ben Stein on the class wars

    Great article, thank-you. If Messrs Buffet (net worth: 46 Billion USD), and Stein (net worth: 45 Million USD) are saying taxes are too low, taxes in their brackets must indeed be quite ridiculously low.
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    Penn & Teller: Recycling is bullsh**!

    The best recycling is to simply re-use an item, or find a new use for it. This method takes less energy and has a smaller environmental impact. Lovely: more fanciful pseudo-science from the tinfoil hatters who brought us such gems as 'global warming is a liberal conspiracy', and 'a...
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    Leaving Iraq, Honorably: Chuck Hagel ( senator )

    This is the same man who voted against the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty, voted for the Iraq war, and has apparently voted for every bill which has increased funding and resources for the Iraq war. This seems more like political opportunism than principle, especially when comparing his...
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    How does the Iraq War affect you personally?

    'Psychopathy and Consumerism':
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    I now agree: The Iraq War is a Success.

    'The Affected Profundity Troll. A mutant subspecies of Sophist Trolls, Affected Profundity Trolls post endless pages of pretentious drivel that is intended to appear wise, but which generally makes little sense (if any). Affected Profundity Trolls enjoy asking themselves questions, sometimes...
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    I now agree: The Iraq War is a Success.

    'The Mutt. Alternatively known as Dogs or Yapping Dogs. Mutts are pack animals characterized by their loud barking – vociferous, repetitive, usually ignorant and irrational criticism of anything and anyone they do not like. Mutts frequently become obsessed with a few or even a single poster...
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    Another Example of Liberals Ruining Holiday Fun

    You obviously aren't touched by the Holy Ghost, or else you'd know. I'll pray for you. God Bless all.
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    I now agree: The Iraq War is a Success.

    Which is to say that you're on a hunger strike?
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    I now agree: The Iraq War is a Success.

    Since becoming a conservative, I know realise that the Iraq War is an overwhelming success, and I'm sorry for having ever doubted President Bush and Mr Blair. I'd like to draft a letter to each of them thanking them for the wisdom to undertake such a beneficent and necessary venture, and would...
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    Leave Poor Kramer Alone!!!

    Very thoughtful and true, Kav. The western world acheived full equality many years ago, although some communists and other assorted troublemakers inexplicably refuse to acknowledge this reality. Mr Richards is obviously a godly man, and I'm sure Christ smiles down upon us that such a situation...
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    Attention all shoppers

    I hope everyone did their Christian duty and purchased many disposable retail goods. Such expenditures are far more moral than money wasted on poor families who are too lazy to support themselves. God bless all.
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    92-year old woman Dies in shoot-out with Police

    Thank-you for those additional links. Since I have become a conservative, I realise that it's foolish to question the wisdom of the police officers, especially coming to realise that the 92 year old in question wasn't white. She must have been up to no good, otherwise the police would not have...
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    Another Example of Liberals Ruining Holiday Fun

    Reading is a gift of the Holy Ghost, not something one should try to learn. Pride cometh before the Fall, and teaching everyone to read is a modern-day Tower of Babel. God will not be mocked.