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    Pink Kamakura OCBD 15.5 X 35.5

    Not my size, but a very high quality shirt. Great deal.
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    What happened to my trouser’s waistband?

    Not sure there is an immediate problem as your belt will cover that up. I wouldn't be happy with my dry cleaner, but those trousers are fine.
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    Good raincoat

    ^^ Made in Japan. Very nice!
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    New Sport Coat - Please help me choose!

    With sport coats, I would agree that navy trousers aren't a great option. With shetland sweaters and cardigans, I get a lot of mileage out of the numerous pairs of navy trousers I own. Navy flannel trousers, medium gray shetland over a OCBD looks good on anyone.
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    Grey Velvet Trousers? Yea or Nay?

    Velvet? Looks like corduroy to me.
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    New Sport Coat - Please help me choose!

    I really like the 3rd option. That is beautiful but would wear much better with gray flannels than denim.
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    Spier & Mackay

    I've never received any emails from them after my order last year.
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    Spier & Mackay

    Makes sense! I'm very pleased with the pair I have, so I need to get on their mailing list.
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    Spier & Mackay

    I purchased a nice pair of flannel pants last year from Spier & Mackay. They fit me well and I like the material. I'd like to get a few more pairs, but in the times I've checked over the past 6 months, they seem to have very few sizes in stock of their flannel and tweed pants. I've just sent an...
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    Good raincoat

    Sanyo makes an excellent raincoat at a nice price.
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    cheap versatile watch

    The Orient Bambino would be an excellent choice as well.
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    Trad alternative to metal blazer buttons

    I just had the gold metal buttons on my blazer replaced with medium brown horn buttons.
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    EDC with jeans pockets?

    Same with me. This seems like one of those infomercials that make everyday tasks (like boiling an egg) seem so difficult. Not only has my wallet never fallen out of my my rear jeans pocket (or any pants pocket), I don't know anyone who's wallet has fallen out of their back pocket.
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    A little advice needed with Loafers

    It would depend on how you plan to wear the loafers. Pebble-grained Dexters are going to be pretty casual and will probably look best with chinos, jeans, etc. The burgundy Churches are probably on a sleeker last and will be more versatile and can be worn with chinos, jeans, and dressier wool...
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    American Giant

    I have one of their crew neck sweatshirts. The material is thick and it's made in the US, but the cut and fit aren't any better than a cheapie Wal-Mart sweatshirt IMO. I'm 5'9 and 170 and I wear a medium.