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    What’re the best khakis for someone interested in so-called “Ivy style”

    I second the recommendation for Jack Donnelly khakis. They offer a variety of fits - I own two pairs of the M2 fit, and they have a higher rise and are just loose enough without being baggy. In one case, there was a mix up in my order, and the owner of the company emailed me personally to make...
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    A Trad "What are you Wearing"

    I work in the fitness club industry and typically spend a lot of time facing customers - my typical workday uniform is fitness wear. But today is an office day, snowy and cold in Southern CT: Shirt: Michael Spencer Sweater: Pendleton Pants: LL Bean Socks: Gold Toe Shoes: Bass Weejuns
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    PSA Hertling

    I purchased and just received both a pink and white stripe and blue and white stripe shirt from the sale. I have the XL, and they fit very near to my 17.5/35 Michael Spencer shirts. They are both excellent, in construction, weight, and fit! The collars are a bit short compared to what most on...
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    What Footwear Are You Wearing Today?

    I was fortunate for a while - There was an LL Bean outlet around the corner so I paid less. Moving forward I will willingly pay full price now that the outlet is gone. I am a big fan of these slippers...
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    What Footwear Are You Wearing Today?

    15 year-old J. Crew sorta white bucks!
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    The Official AAAT Music Thread: What Are You Listening To?

    For working from home, late 50's-early 60's Miles has been filling the bill!
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    What Footwear Are You Wearing Today?

    Does anyone else find themselves spending more time in these:
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    Cool '50s Illustrations from Ivy's Heyday

    Love, love the pants! I have a feeling he did not pay $125.00 (or whatever the price would have been minus inflation) or more for his!
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    O’Connell’s email hacked?

    I got a similar email today and also another from O'Connells a few moments ago stating their email marketer's server was hacked. I deleted the "original" email.
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    The rise is too short everywhere, what's a guy to do?

    I second the Jack Donnelly suggestion. I own the Dalton pant (100% cotton) in the hybrid fit, and the rise is above "low," that's for sure. I am a fan!
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    What Footwear Are You Wearing Today?

    Time to bring ‘em out (beautiful day in CT)...
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    What Footwear Are You Wearing Today?

    Nothing like the shiny leather-like feel of Weejuns!