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    Aldens or any loafer and plantar fasciitis

    I do not have much in the way of advice but if it’s any consolation I often wear running shoes with khakis and ocbds. Of course, it is more of a weekend or work from home outfit, but it’s comfortable and I like the look!
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    Bills Shorts 36 & LLB Seersucker L

    The shirt is long sleeve.
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    Bills Shorts 36 & LLB Seersucker L

    Beat the heat! Asking $25ppd for the set. Bills Khakis shorts size 36 (small spot, see photo) LL Bean seersucker in red and white size large Please message me with any questions.
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    sold Mercer & Sons 16.5-34 OCBD FS

    For sale is a charcoal unistripe ocbd size 16.5-34 by Mercer & Sons. Asking $75ppd in usa. Please message me if you’d like additional photos.
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    sold SOLD BB Madison Fit 16.5-35 Ecru

    This is no longer available.
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    sold SOLD BB Madison Fit 16.5-35 Ecru

    Brooks Brothers 16.5-35 Madison Fit in very good condition. Worn and laundered maybe twice, if that. Asking $25ppd in USA or best offer. Thanks for looking!
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    Orvis Rugby and Hoggs of Fife Tattersall

    Both are size large, orvis is made in USA. Asking $30ppd in USA, or best offer.
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    Going Watchless - The benefits of NOT wearing a watch

    I think the point made about giving your watch a glance at to check the time being far easier than taking out a phone is a bit off, especially for people who grew up using smart phones. I am not arguing for or against the habit, but people are constantly checking their phones and one glance...
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    Open collar sport shirts

    Very interesting. I have always thought of "open collar" as referring to just going tieless and I think this is my first time hearing it to describe a collar without buttons. I want to like these types of shirts, and I have 3 or 4 of them, but I am just not a fan. There is a certain...
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    sold Brooks Brothers flannel and sweater fs Blue cable knit cotton sweater size XL Flannel size Large and Regent Fit $27ppd as a gift in the USA Please message me with any questions. thanks!
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    sold LL Bean Red & White Seersucker Shirt | Large

    This has been sold elsewhere. Sorry for not including photos in the listing. I will be sure to on future posts.
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    sold Brooks Brothers OCBD Red University Stripe

    Apologies for not updating sooner, but this has been sold through another platform.
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    sold LL Bean Red & White Seersucker Shirt | Large

    LL Bean red and white seersucker shirt, size large. $15ppd or best offer. Message me for photos. Thanks!