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    A Competitive Advantage?

    Intrepid— he speaks truth.
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    Designing a custom blue blazer-- Help!!

    Hook vent, 1/4" stitching, lapped seams, chest patch w/ lower patch-and-flap. Lapels no wider than three and a half inches. I probably own too many blazers, but, since there's no such thing as a "four reason" or "year-round cloth," the number is merited. I think. For a true winter...
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    Sellers of TNSIL are just old-fashioned or betrayers now

    The notion of betrayal suggests that there was some sort of previous commitment--some sort of unspoken contract--with men who continue to prefer natural shouldered clothing. That commitment never existed. Retailers ought to be in the business to make a profit, and if the "updated traditional"...
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    Trad, Press, Wilder and The Trad in The Observer

    I disagree, but, then, of course I would. The good stuff--in terms of both cloth and craftsmanship--is still available. Not always cheap, but, honestly, was it considered inexpensive way back when? Buy quality and wear it until until it can't be repaired anymore--until it falls apart, that...
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    Blackwatch Harris Tweed

    Can you order cloth from them?
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    silk grosgrain watchabands...

    Woven silk repp watchbands were available--once upon a time, at Max's Men's Store in Charleston, SC. A huge selection. They were made by Robert Talbott. It may be that Robert Talbott continues to make them; not sure.
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    Southwick--fall '09

    This is true. Depends upon the cloth. There's a potential quandary: If you're picky about cloth, there's always going to be a cloth--a certain weight or color--that you'll find elsewhere. I maintain a budget and plan ahead to fill the "holes" in my closet, so if I use the Southwick cloth I...
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    Southwick--fall '09

    Vested suit? Indeed. I like the way you think.
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    Southwick--fall '09

    Pretty good, overall. Plenty of variety. There are a few leftovers from last season. Probably worth a drive to the shop for a look-and-feel. Lots of cloth that would fall easily under the "country casual" category, if I'm right about what I think you have in mind.
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    Southwick--fall '09

    The fall '09 cloth has arrived. You may find they've already been added to the box at your local shop. Some of the best looking cloth I've seen in the Southwick box in years. I'm guilty of succumbing to the temptation to buy "better"--okay, not "better" necessarily; rather, cloth I just...
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    Alden Shop of New York

    A burgundy-maroon-oxblood mix. Or something like that. There are photos floating around the interwebs. Try the link (below). If it works, you'll see photos of a balmoral captoe boot made of #6 shell. https://riderboot.com/2008/08/ edit: based upon photos I've seen, #4 shell...
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    L.L. Bean Signature

    I miss Speas. "Closer to the body." Oh goody.
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    +2 for Brush Off

    Yup. H410 is the #, if I'm recalling correctly.
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    +2 for Brush Off

    Alden makes a burgundy "brush off" penny loafer. Pretty sure that's not what they call it, though. A beefroll. Maybe more of a "wine" or "oxblood" color, come to think of it. Available at the NYC Alden Shop. I quite like it, actually (and have posted about it previously).
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    American Trad men (photos)...

    Cyrus Vance, among others. I suppose we can assume that's a Chipp suit he's wearing. With what appears to be the Brooks #1. McNamara's suit shoulders appear to be slightly roped. Compare/contrast with Vance's suit--soft, natural, and rounded shoulder...