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    More chunky cardigans

    That's just all around terrible. You're right, it looks like you could stick your arms out and have wings!!
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    Clothing Illustrations From or Inspired by the 20s to the 60s

    Dude with the blonde hair is rather intrigued by the drinks being mixed.
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    17h is a 17 1/2 neck. ;)
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    Has the pandemic changed your sense of style or aesthetics?

    The beard makes you look professorly. You look like an expert in early medieval literature or something. Pair that flower shirt with some overly baggy double pleated dockers, throw on your favorite pair of square toed slip on shoes, and you're ready to teach class.
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    Has the pandemic changed your sense of style or aesthetics?

    Same here, although I'll add I've purchased a couple of sweater blazers that I use for zoom calls. I never appreciated them before, but now I do. On zoom over an OCBD, they're pretty indistinguishable from a real sport coat, but they feel like wearing a thick cardigan, so comfort is real high.
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    Harry has fallen far (disband the whole royal family)

    I don't think anything needs to be torn down. Anyone who thinks that, I disagree with. However, some things need rectifying. ... and are you seriously trying to say some issues of past idolized eras have been 100% eradicated and aren't present anymore? Ok, probably getting too political in...
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    Harry has fallen far (disband the whole royal family)

    Why can't we keep or bring back pride in what has been great, while acknowledging past shortcomings and correcting them? Why does this have to be a zero sum game?
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    Quoted in Dudefluencer's Grooming Guide

    I severely dislike fragrance. Why do people insist on intruding on other's senses like that? I don't like the smell of cologne. I don't like the smell of perfume. Please don't impose your choice of smell on me. Unpopular opinion I know.
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    Love - Hate Relationship with Wool

    Merino or Cashmere I could wear without a base layer. I wouldn't, but I could. I find absolutely zero discomfort with their on-skin feel. The other stuff though, yeah, I need a cotton base layer.
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    Alex Trebek's Wardrobe Is Donated To The Doe Fund

    Given how much he was paid a season, did he even bother negotiating such trivial expenses? Ok, I'll accept that 20mil salary, but I'm going to need a 10k clothing expense account!
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    Rancourt Crowdfunding Events

    Rancourt is great. Good quality, good value, American owned, made in America, and by doing these crowdfunding events I think it's clear that the owners are prioritizing keeping everyone employed during the pandemic over profit. What's not to like? I'd encourage anyone with the spare...
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    Biden’s overcoat on inauguration

    I would think RL gifted the ensemble to him. Talk about cheap free advertising. If I ran RL, I'd offer him a personal stylist and free wardrobe, just let us make it known we dress him. Anyone see what watch he wore? I didn't see, but I know he's got a few cool ones. Two Omega Seamasters and an...
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    Biden’s overcoat on inauguration

    He's 78, although he's fairly slim so can pull off a bit of more youthful cuts I guess?
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    Biden’s overcoat on inauguration

    I do point out the perfect break. He needs to stick with that tailor.