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    Benson & Clegg in Washington

    I've since learned they will be giving away a made to measure sports jacket that evening and have other specials on goods. Might be worth the stop by if you're in the D.C. area.
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    Benson & Clegg in Washington

    A political friend of mine sent me an invitation for a reception he's part of next week, the 14th, in Washington. Apparently, it's raising money for a scholarship fund. Benson & Clegg is participating with a trunk show. It looks like it's a Republican audience. I won't be going because it'd...
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    Jaeger clothes

    I didn't mean to write was in the past tense. I should have wrote is. What has changed? They appear a little bit more fashionable now, but the shirts aren't fused, as an example. The suits are probably no different than any half-canvassed, off-the-peg brand, to be frank. However, I've always...
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    Bookster Praise

    Not bad, sir. The jacket does, however, appear to be a tad too short. I would also humbly suggest a two-button jacket in the future. You may also want to see about a tailor removing some of the excess cloth (I don't know the precise tailoring term) in the back, near the shoulders. I also think...
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    Jaeger clothes

    That's interesting because I've always thought the consensus was that T.M. Lewin was superior to Charles Tyrwhitt.
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    Bookster's new lounge jacket?

    Quite nice. I'm tempted to buy one, but I'd want no padding whatsoever.
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    Jaeger clothes

    So where does it fall between the likes of Austin Reed, T.M. Lewin, Charles Tyrwhitt and the other off-the-peg U.K. clothing brands?
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    Airport Security and Trad

    Wear loafers, put all the pens and coins in your briefcase along with your mobile telephone, don't wear a belt and be prepared to take your jacket off.
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    Jaeger clothes

    What's the consensus on Jaeger?
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    It's here, the new J Press.

    In my opinion, I don't see this version of J. Press lasting more than a year or two. If Rugby Ralph Lauren couldn't succeed, I don't think this will.
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    What's even more interesting is the demographics of emigrants from the British Isles to America. Are they English-Americans, British-Americans, Irish-Americans, Scottish-Americans, Welsh-Americans? From what I understand of demography, the oldest bunch of Americans, the English-Americans who...
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    Macy's Cashmere Sweaters

    I buy one or two every year. Often, they're marked down to $10 come late February -- a far cry from the $100-ish price of Black Friday. They aren't a bad sweater. I buy two or three cheaper cashmere sweaters (I refuse to pay over $45). I know I could get much better quality, but I wear the...
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    30% off at Andover Shop...

    It can't be a true sack without being a 3/2 roll, no?
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    It's here, the new J Press.

    The prices are higher than mainline J. Press!
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    I need a dinner jacket ensemble

    I know this is immitation velvet, but the price is tough to beat: Would they work?