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    Going to an outlet tomorrow! Tips?

    I'd do a round through all the stores you're thinking of making purchases at before you actually make a purchase.
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    Wedding band question?

    I have a titanium band, really cheap. In fact, i asked the sales women if this was the cheapest band in the store, and when she said yes, i was sold. I don't like jewelry.
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    Shoes For under 150$

    eBay or call the AE shoe bank and see if they have anything in your price range
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    Does this tailor look like he knows what he's doing?

    They look nice to me too. I like the three button, but the flaps on the pockets look a little big
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    Very nice. I just love how EG split toes look.
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    To starch or not to starch

    I used to get my shirts starched, but after a while i noticed a sheen from the residue
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    un-tucked slim fit dress shirts and colored undershirts

    i've noticed alot of recent college grads wear "colored" undershirts that are actually just T-shirts under their shirts. Spent all their money on payments for their pseudo luxury cars, so they can't afford white undershirts.
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    Are Allen Edmonds worth paying retail?

    I'm happy with my retail purchases, but i love calling up the shoebank to see what's on sale.
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    Los Angeles Tailor: Richard Lim

    It's not just Lim There are a handful of Korean Tailors in Los Angeles that do work for cheap. It's like computer programmers from India, they'll work for half price over here, and even less over seas. This is one i've been to: Italian Custom Tailor Shop 3000 Wilshire Blvd Ste 111 Los...
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    Nordstrom's MTM service?

    I did a MTM shirt last year. It was disappointing that it came with cheap plastic buttons.
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    Allen Edmonds, redux

    I loved the 4 last, the 8 last wouldn't hold my heel, the new 0 last is real wide, but my heel fits. I think most people have a few gripes about their lasts, you just have to ride it out and stock up when they have something that works or you.
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    Johnston & Murphy Custom Select, well actually; MTM Shoes

    On the website, It just sounds like they make all their shoes in three colors and will slap your name on it for you. Doesn't mention taking your foot measurements, just picking a size. Looks like a marketing scheme
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    Is it acceptable to wear a frech cuff shirt without a jacket or tie?

    I've seen this, but it looks like they just decided to call it a day and took off their tie and jacket. Might as well unlace the shoes too.
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    Planning a custom shirt trip to NYC

    He's going to bring you the materials to make his shirt :icon_smile_big:
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    AE Fairfax vs AE Bel Air

    I just paid retail for mine, i have wide right foot so it's hard to find anything n eBay. I really like it and wear it with lighter colored slacks. I also have the Fairfax in Chili and Chestnut...they look alot sleeker, a tad more formal, so i tend to wear them with a jacket.