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    rolex vs omega

    Do the folks here that own 300m seamasters have the black faced one or the blue james bond?
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    rolex vs omega

    I have the seamaster but kind of still want the submariner. not really sure why.
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    Help me decide between two watch styles...

    One on the left. I might be willing to take that submariner off your hands. PM me a price :)
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    Ode to the bit loafer (pics)...

    I bought a pair of brown suede this summer. They are my favorite casual shoe now. I am not worried that i wear too much and they won't last very long.
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    dark brown suede shoes in summer

    I have some dark brown suede loafers that i like to wear with stone and white khakis during the warmer months. My wife say they are winter shoes and don't look right. I say they are year round loafers and look great. Who is right?
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    Google Dress code- Eccos VP Shoes?

    I work for one of the other big internet companies. This sounds just like me company.
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    Google Dress code- Eccos VP Shoes? I work for one of the other big internet companies. This sounds just like me company.
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    leatherman ltd

    thanks duck!
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    leatherman ltd

    Call to order or see if they have a distributer in Dal or Houston? I will probably order from sit but would like to see and try on.
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    leatherman ltd

    Does anyone know of a store that sells leatherman ltd belts in Dallas or Houston? I know i can buy them on the site but there are so many choices and it is hard to tell the color.
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    Horse bit loafers?

    I love my Gucci Bit Loafers. Peppy yes, trad no. I have them in dark brown with leather soles. Today i am wearing with levi's 505 and a white ocbd. What does everyone think of them with jeans? I will buy another pair in suede. I am thinking of getting the lug sole. Any other thoughts on...
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    At the bank

    I work at one of the big three internet companies. We are all casual. Everyone outside of sales wears whatever the want. I manage a engineering team and i tried to make them dress nice when meeting with vendors ( i asked that they wear a collar) and almost had a revolt. I have given up. I...
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    Currently spinning in the CD player......

    My Morning Jacket - Okonokos (live) The Slip - Esienhower (Awesome CD) Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
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    Custom-distressed topsiders?

    I will buy them for 40 bucks at dillards. When i was in high school and college JCrew was a huge part of our wardrobe. At that time it was catalog only for me and my friends. I thought of it the same way a did LL Bean. I had the barn jacket, flannel shirts, sweaters, and some pull over...
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    Currently spinning in the CD player......

    Gomez - Out West (live) My Morning Jacket - It Still Moves Tea Leaf Green - Taught to Be Proud Widespread Panic - Weekly MP3 from