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    Carlo Franco Virus

    Thank you both so much for the prompt responses. It appears that is indeed a false-positive, resulting from something in the java code. But I agree! It's still something I need to find and get to the bottom of. I'm putting up an entirely new site next month, which will hopefully eradicate...
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    Carlo Franco Virus

    I apologize for any convenience or alarm. But I've not been able to find an issue. This is the response from my Hosting company: Hello, The scan of your account has completed and no malware was found. I also scanned the account with a couple of 3rd party external scanners and they also came...
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    Return of the prodigal son - Carlo Franco

    XL Dimensions Approx 4-4.25 wide", and 62" long.
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    Return of the prodigal son - Carlo Franco

    Issue? Orty ~ Are you a former customer with an issue to be resolved? If so, please contact me at jill(at) I will be happy to take care of it for you.
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    Return of the prodigal son - Carlo Franco

    So sorry to hear that, Jagmaj. And you are completely right. We should've explained much sooner. Frankly, business, ties and online communities were the last things on our minds at that time. Once again, I sincerely apologize for not doing so.
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    Return of the prodigal son - Carlo Franco

    Humbly... Thank you Alex. Actually, the contact information is at the very bottom of the screen. Perhaps I should make it bigger and brighter? I think Chuck covered everything, but I wanted to make it clear that we had outsourced everything, including email, for the last few months the...
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    We're back

    Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your kind words of congratulations. It has been a chaotic yet fun 2 or 3 months for us. Now we're still managing to trudge through the chaos while still having fun. Our relative absence from the forum has nothing to do with you, our...
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    Carlo Franco contact?

    I'll check with the office staff to make sure they are getting messages. We are out of the country until Tuesday. We have the second batch of forum ties coming in about 2 weeks from now, already woven and being made up at this time. Several backorders came in earlier this week. I will have...
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    Atlanta Regional AAAC Meeting

    I might come just to see Whnay and SGladwell at the same table!
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    Carlo Franco Ties

    They're supposed to be 58"! BTW, how are the babies?
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    Carlo Franco Ties

    Yes! If our instructions were accurately translated into Italian, then there should be at LEAST a few XLs, which are approximately 62". Due to the nature of a hand-made product, this can vary a bit from 61-64. BTW, good to hear from ya. It was great meeting you in Chicago at Chris' place.
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    Who are your top ten AAAC members and why?

    Dittos on much of the previous lists. But must say that I just love iammatt for his shoes... ;)
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    Football Season!

    We're really not discussing around our home the "game that shall not be mentioned..." Glad you all enjoyed the excitement!
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    Happy Holidays

    Methinx the youngster snuck his way into the eggnog.... That would be Chuck and Jill. Alex and Joelle. Big, big diff! Not a major. I still think you're a cutie pie! Merry new year.
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    Carlo Franco Ties

    ...and to answer the original question, yes there is a new selection scheduled to be available within the next few weeks. Many are re-orders of this year's favorites. But I'm personally most excited about the warm (fall-toned) version of the oh-so-popular woven paisley tie that sold out twice...