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    Where to find black leather Wellington Boots

    I am looking for a pair of black leather wellington boots in size US 11.5 EE or EEE. I want a traditional design, not pointy-tow cowboy boots. I also do not want biker boots with square toes. I want a good stiff sole-either double leather or high quality man-made soles...not too thick. A...
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    Wearing suit jacket at desk

    I just looked in the mirror. Indeed I have gotten wrinkles due to working at my desk, especially around my eyes and mouth. I am quite certain it has more to do with age than whether i wear my jacket.
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    Felt hat care (particularly soft fur felt hats)

    Check out the "G-Man" from Hippodrome Hatters. Ample brim and crown. I own 4: Black, Navy, Gray, Brown. Very nice hats. I believe it is at www.hipphats.com.
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    Late Afternoon Wedding Attire

    I like the stroller idea. Purchase a nice oxford gray suit, peak lapels and DB if you prefer. That will be a suit that you can wear for a long time. Now purchase the gray/black trousers worn with a morning rig (no cuffs, no belt loops.) Now add a buff or dove gray vest and top it off with a...
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    Looking For a Nice Walnut Shoe As an Alternative to My Strands

    Gentlemen: My dress shoes come in three colors: Black, Burgundy/Merlot, and Walnut/Light Brown. With occasional exception, I wear traditional lace up, leather soled dress shoes. In my current rotation I have all AE's as follows: Black: Strand, Fifth Av Merlot: Park Av, McAllister Walnut...
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    Where are JAB suits manufactured?

    Old photos above from Baltimore's old Tailors Row along West Baltimore Street, early 20th century home to what is now JAB. The area is being completely rebuilt, but there is an old storefront where the sign above the door reads "Sam Banks, Clothiers." I do not know if related to JAB.
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    most distasteful wardrobe trends you witness daily ?

    Too many tattoos; piercings, uncombed/styled hair, the two-day shadow, baseball caps esp. worn indoors and at a meal, torn pants, saggy pants with underwear showing, using an undershirt as if it were a real shirt, wearing a stocking cap with a suit instead of a proper fedora, wearing a ski parka...
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    Sprucing up the boring suit

    Adding to Eagle's very complete list: Striped Shirts, a fur felt fedora in a coordinating color, perhaps with a little color in the hatband, a lapel pin or tie pin, a flashier watch, a ring. I certainly would not do all these things at once. Maybe a good start is a striped shirt, a colorful...
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    Which of two watches

    I hate when watch batteries die. Go with the automatic. It is beautiful.
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    Where are JAB suits manufactured?

    Once upon a time in Baltimore, there was a Tailor's Row on West Baltimore Street, and in the block behind it on West Redwood Street, on what is now east of the Law School and west of the Arena. I can remember the very last vestiges of this among the run down brick buildings that remained there...
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    Should I leave my MTM man and seek out a bespoke tailor?

    Twizz: Thanks for the good question. I'll try to answer it. My assumption is that I am paying a significant premium to buy clothes through TJ. I do not know that to be true. But based on some reviews that I have read about TJ here and elsewhere it seems that the number 1 negative with TJ is...
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    Alternatives to Bean Boots

    For waterproof (I mean wet wet conditions, like duck blinds on the lower eastern shore of MD), I always go for wellies. But the problems with rubber boots like Wellies and Beans (I have have had a pair of beans since 1994) is that your feet get really cold in the winter, and sweat like crazy in...
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    Should I leave my MTM man and seek out a bespoke tailor?

    When I added up what I spent on clothes in the past 12 months I was in shock, and I began to re-evaluate my relationship with my MTM man. I know that there are mixed reviews about Tom James on this forum. I have purchased MTM clothes from TJ for the past 7 years. I purchase their top of the line...
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    Should I leave my MTM man and seek out a bespoke tailor?

    Sorry for the double post...see the other one with the same title.